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PIAA survey looks at business opportunity take up

Monday, 19 March 2012
By Print 21 Online Article

The uptake rate of new and emerging business opportunities by printing companies is the focus of a survey being undertaken by Printing Industries.

The survey aims to capture the changing industry dynamics of the past decade and the influence of communication developments including multi channel marketing, social media, web-to-print and services and process such as QR codes.

Printing Industries’ national manager for policy and government affairs, Hagop Tchamkertenian is looking forward to finding out how common some of the new business offerings are by getting industry feedback on service offering penetration levels.

"More than a decade ago Printing Industries led the industry in exploring ways to diversify and move away from the dominant business model which at the time was based around the transfer of ink onto paper.

"With printed matter becoming a commoditised product the Association encouraged its members and the industry at large to pursue alternative high value added opportunities and to evolve into communication service and solution providers," he said. "A number of firms moved into the new market space which also involved a rebranding element. We would now like to evaluate to what extent the message was heeded by the industry and this online survey will give us the opportunity to review this."

The survey will remain open until  23 March 2012 and can be accessed by clicking on this link.

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