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PIAA wins free apprentice training in NSW

Wednesday, 20 March 2019
By Wayne Robinson

Big win: John Barilaro says govt will fund print apprentices, with Andrew Macaulay

Printers in NSW will no longer pay for TAFE based apprenticeship training, with the government committing $14,550 for each print apprentice, following lobbying and discussions between the PIAA and the state government.

“This is a massive win, for the entire printing and visual communications sector in NSW” says Andrew Macaulay, CEO of PIAA, who added “Here is an example of PIAA lobbying efforts delivering measurable value to members”.

NSW minister for Skills and minister for Small Business, John Barilaro MP, committed to the TAFE subsidies for apprenticeships in printing, print manufacturing and print communications as a result of meetings with the PIAA, which impressed on him the size and value of print, and the career prospects for apprentices in the $8bn industry.

Theo Pettaras, national board member, and Digitalpress owner in Sydney says, “The value of this TAFE funding for NSW cannot be overstated, it is a significant positive step in securing the skills and training needed by the industry. I am thrilled with the outcome of the lobbying, it will support an injection of youth and grow the future of our industry in NSW.”

The commitment to free VET (vocational education and training) for NSW print apprentices is the latest part in the PIAA strategy to create a national VET programme.

The first piece in the jigsaw was Victoria with the creation of Holmesglen TAFE apprentices, then the PIAA persuaded the Tasmanian government to fund apprentices at Holmesglen, then following lobbying the SA government came on board with the Skilling SA project announced last year.

Today PIAA president Walter Kuhn is at the Queensland minister’s office to present the case.

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