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Pidgeon beats Patterson in PIAA Board vote

Monday, 05 November 2018
By Jake Nelson

Kevin Pidgeon, managing director of Lithocraft, will replace Ron Patterson on the board of Printing Industries in Victoria.

At the same time Martin Guilliamse from Mark Media has succeeded Peter Clark as the Tasmanian board member.

The ascension of Pidgeon and Guilliamse means that for the first time in several years all nine PIAA board members are currently running print businesses.

Great leadership: Kevin Pidgeon.

In a members vote Pidgeon defeated Patterson, who had served on the Board since 2016, and was a somewhat controversial figure given tbat he had not been emoyed in print for some time, in the Association’s biennial elections; Patterson had previously been the PIAA’s state secretary for Victoria until 2012.

Pidgeon’s appointment to the PIAA Board follows the heavyweight trio of Theo Pettaras, Richard Celarc and Tom Eckersley, who all joined last month.

Andrew Macaulay, CEO PIAA, told Print21 he was happy to see the Lithocraft founder join the Board. “The Association now has 100 per cent printers on our Board, which is terrific. We’re excited to see Kevin step up – he’s such a highly-respected printer in Victoria and a long term supporter of the industry. He founded a successful business, and he offers great leadership for the Association.

“We thank Ron for his enthusiasm and interest in the Association during his term on the Board, and we wish him well,” said Macaulay.

According to Pidgeon’s profile on Lithocraft’s website, the managing director has had a big impact on the company’s success: 50 years’ experience in the printing and graphic arts industries has helped Kevin build Lithocraft into one of Australia’s leading print and workflow solution providers. Lithocraft’s success is a testament to his focus, his determination to do things better, and his continual investment in the latest technology and best people.

Martin Guilliamse, general manager of Mark Media in Hobart, has taken over from retired former AIW owner Peter Clark in Tasmania. “The Association would like to thank Peter Clark for the great work he did re-invigorating the Tasmanian membership, and the stewardship he showed,” said Macaulay.

Following the elections, the Board now consists of Walter Kuhn, Theo Pettaras, John Georgantzakos, Kevin Pidgeon, Sarah Leo, Anthony Pittaway, Richard Celarc, Tom Eckersley, and Martin Guilliamse.

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  1. November 02, 2018 at 2:08 pm,

    Neil C Mulveney

    Congratulation Kevin
    I know you will be a positive contributor.

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