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Planet Ark to ride new flood of recycled paper

Thursday, 12 September 2013
By Patrick Howard

50,000 tonnes of recycled fibre will flow from Australian Paper’s new state of the art $90 million paper recycling plant in Maryvale, in the Latrobe Valley when it comes fully on line next year. Producing the equivalent of 16 billion sheets of A4 paper the initiative aims to dramatically increase the use of recycled paper in Australia’s commercial printing and office markets.

Planet Ark, the Australian not-for-profit environmental organisation, is partnering with Australian Paper in promoting the use of the paper with a Make it Recycled campaign. Current levels of consumption of recycled paper in Australia are historically low.

According to  Jim Henneberry, CEO Australian Paper (pictured),  the new plant will save up to 80,000 tonnes of post‐consumer waste paper from Australian landfill each year. “As a result of our $90 million paper recycling plant at Maryvale, Australian made recycled paper has a bright future. We are calling on all Australians to make it recycled and help grow demand for locally made recycled office and printing paper,” said Henneberry. “We are proud of our investment in sustainable Australian recycled paper manufacturing, and we expect the plant to be fully operational around the middle of 2014.”

The partnership between Planet Ark and Australian Paper aims to increase the use of locally made, high‐recycled content paper by paper buyers all over Australia, including Government at all levels. “Our research shows that many people would like to purchase recycled paper, but there is still a perception that it is lower in quality. While this may have been an issue in the past, recycled paper has continued to improve and there is now little difference between our recycled paper and the paper we produce from non‐recycled sources,” said Henneberry.

Commercial digital printers have long been cautious of recycled paper on account of the dust with which it has long been associated. New generation recycled paper carries a lot less dust.

The creation of the recycled plant, which uses much of the equipment from the recently closed Amcor plant at Fairfield, ties in with Planet Ark’s aim to encourage efficient resource use.  In a statement it says the creation of Australian Paper’s Maryvale recycled paper plant aligns well with Planet Ark’s long-term support of recycling as a key behaviour change to minimise impact on the planet.

According to Paul Klymenko, CEO Planet Ark, the amount of recycled office and printing paper used in Australia is currently quite low. “There is a great opportunity for Australians to use more recycled paper,” said Klymenko. “We are excited to have formed this partnership with Australian Paper and look forward to working together to maximise the use of recycled paper in Australian homes and offices.”

Make it Recycled logo will be used on the paper when it becomes available next year.

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