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Positive pick up amongst New Zealand printers: PrintNZ survey

Monday, 25 October 2010
By Print 21 Online Article

Light at the end of the tunnel could brighten up the prospects for printers in New Zealand, according to a new survey conducted by PrintNZ.

The Print Industry Barometer, which provides a snapshot for the third quarter of 2010, saw an improvement in what has been a tough time for the industry not just in New Zealand, but worldwide. 18 of the 22 companies surveyed returned their results, outlining how they felt on issues including level of sales; profitability; staff numbers and debt collection.

According to PrintNZ, most respondents reported sales swinging to the positive end of the scale; others reported a slow improvement with more certainty in future orders. Overall, the survey showed an improvement on twelve months ago for sales and profitability while both debt collection and pricing are proving contentious for respondents.

“Pricing very competitive, thereby reducing profitability,” one participant observed, whilst another remarked that: “It has been a hard year to get any reserves into the bank.”

Looking ahead, most participants showed optimism about what lies further down the track: “We are seeing more certainty in future orders and the production schedule is having fewer and fewer gaps,” one wrote. These feelings were echoed in a response from another printer: “Orders getting back to level of two years ago, much more solid feel to demand.”

One participant also pointed out that staying afloat requires foresight and innovation: “To date this year, we have been able to meet budgets and better, but not without a lot of outside-the-square thinking.”


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