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Press Release Almanac: 13 March 2008

Tuesday, 11 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

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Océ continues to demonstrate industry leadership with award-winning monochrome and full process color digital printing equipment.

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, announces the Océ VarioStream(r) 8000 system has been recognized at the ON DEMAND(r) Conference & Exposition with a Best of Show award in the category of Monochrome Digital Printing Equipment. The Océ VarioStream 8000 won for its unmatched combination of print width, output versatility, controller power, upgradeability and the fastest "Twin-able" technology Océ has ever offered.

In addition, the Océ JetStream(tm) full color ink-jet system was selected for Best of Show Honourable Mention Award in the category of Process Colour Digital Printing Equipment. The breakthrough continuous feed ink-jet system delivers full process, professional quality colour at 500 feet per minute.

"We are honoured to be recognized for these two outstanding products. Year after year, Océ leads the continuous feed market, according to Info Trends research, and we are committed to bringing the market the most innovative solutions in monochrome as well as highlight and full process colour," said Herbert Kieleithner Marketing Manager, Production Printing Systems. "Océ has introduced a steady stream of continuous feed systems, including the Océ VarioStream 8000 and Océ JetStream family, and this notable recognition validates our high standards and ability to deliver on our innovative vision in product design, performance and quality."

The groundbreaking high-speed Océ JetStream full color, ink-jet product redefines productivity and quality standards for ultra-high-volume, full color production printing, giving commercial printers and others a strong competitive edge as companies pursue TransPromo strategies and other new opportunities. A hefty duty cycle handles well over 60 million impressions per month with a maximum monthly capacity of 18 million linear feet. Offering unprecedented versatility, ease of use and integration into existing workflows, the Océ JetStream family is distinguished by total flexibility as well as raw speed.

A company with one of Australia’s most comprehensive ranges of printing products and technologies, J.L. Lennard Graphics, has entered into a partnership with an international leader in press room chemistry, ECS Ltd.

Currently manufacturing in Australia and at two sites in the UK, ECS’s production and development capabilities include processing 30 tonnes of product a day, says Tony Colella, General Manager, J.L. Lennard Graphics.

"ECS’ strong chemical background and its research and manufacturing expertise has earned it a global reputation for being able to generate unique products custom-manufactured to match the needs of individual clients across Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia," he said.

Pictured: ECS Oceania director, John McKenzie and J.L. Lennard Graphics general manager,  Tony Colella at J.L. Lennard Graphics’ warehouse facilities in Sydney

ECS also produces a complete range of pressroom consumables, including chemical, additives, UV and WB Coatings, as well as having a production facility dedicated to clean manufacturing and food quality production of coatings.

"Their power to innovate in press room chemistry and to respond rapidly to time-critical needs of print customers makes them an ideal match for J.L. Lennard Graphics, which is part of the J.L. Lennard group with a 127-year tradition of excellence and national sales and service teams operating in all areas of Australia through five major State branches.

"ECS has a sensational technical research team. This capability – backed by local production and UK university research and development support – offers us so many opportunities to work with our clients in Australia," said Mr Colella.

ECS was established in Nottingham by owner and Managing Director Mr Neil Fletcher in 1998, expanding across the globe through partnerships and distribution arrangements. The company, which is a member of the FOGRA Institute, established an Australian manufacturing facility in 2006, managed by ECS Oceania Director Mr John McKenzie.

Mr McKenzie says ECS has instituted cascade manufacturing methodology across all sites to enable it to respond with optimum speed to the needs of time-critical print customers.

"We are continually developing our products and embracing new areas of print, examples being our rapidly expanding metallic pigmented coatings and high quality screen products.

"Operating in partnership with the strong distribution of J.L. Lennard Graphics, and their top reputation for quality and reliability, we see major opportunities in the years ahead." 

Australia’s leading independent advertising and media software company, BCC AdSystems today announced the launch of three new media interfaces.

The media interfaces have each been designed specifically for media benchmarking company Faulkner Media Management, digital marketing services company Facilitate Digital and television audience measurement and advertising information services company AGB Nielsen Media Research.

"Each of the media interfaces has been developed to help our mutual users work more efficiently and effectively" BCC AdSystems Managing Director (Media) Rob Landsberry said.

"The interfaces work as tightly integrated elements within BCC media desktop. They are all completely tailored to our clients’ needs to help to improve their efficiency and increase productivity."

BCC has released a second generation of the interface for media benchmarking company Faulkner Media Management. FMM’s services allow advertisers to benchmark their advertising spend and performance against other advertisers with similar target audiences. The improved interface allows the media buyer to specify booking types, with the information seamlessly exported with the advertiser’s expenditure for analysis in Faulkner’s tools – saving time and improving accuracy for the agencies and FMM.

BCC has also engaged global digital marketing technology provider Facilitate Digital to provide an internet booking import function. Media buyers will have the ability to import internet bookings through Symphony Media, Facilitate Digital’s workflow solution. The Symphony Media platform will be the first to make such data available, eliminating the tedious task of re-keying bookings into multiple systems giving our clients the benefit of increased productivity, great accuracy and improved turnaround time.

BCC AdSystems has revised its media interface between AGB Nielsen Media Research’s Arianna Bridge product and BCC media desktop. The BCC media desktop schedule’s online interface to AGB Nielsen Media Research’s Reach and Frequency engine has been streamlined so that users can initiate this functionality from a single screen. The new interface means users can save survey settings, allowing repeatable and consistent reach and frequency results. In addition, minute by minute ratings and reach and frequency data is now integrated with BCC media desktop’s post analysis module.

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