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Press Release Almanac: 26 March 2008

Wednesday, 26 March 2008
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HP Expands its Large Format Photo Paper Portfolio

P3- an evolutionary new price-weigh label.

Stork Prints’ RSI-2 module sets the new standard for rotary screen printing at drupa 2008!, the most proactive and user-friendly MIS/ERP system ever

GMG opts for the original Adobe interpreter in its software products for the first time


HP has added two new papers – HP Everyday Pigment Ink Photo Paper and HP Premium Matte Photo Paper – to its large-format photo media portfolio.  The papers are designed especially for print service providers (PSP) and creatives, broadening HP’s offerings in the large format media space.

Bryan Liesse, HP Worldwide Business Development Manager, Media Supplies and Solutions, was in Australia in March to talk about the new media.  “These two papers are designed specifically to maximise the performance of pigment inks.  They are the next generation in media and feature HP’s unique lay-flat technology that breaks the roll set which significantly reduces the papers’ curl.  This is a tremendous advantage for those PSPs producing high quality photorealistic point of sale materials and posters on the HP Designjet Z Series and the HP Designjet 5000 series large format printers in particular.”

Liesse said the papers were designed in consultation with PSP customers.  The papers’ microporous composition ensures high ink density at production print speed.  The new papers can be used on all pigment ink printers, not just HP, and are competitively priced.

Ben Ho, South Pacific Market Development Manager for HP Designjet – Large Format Printing Division said Australia, which has a reputation as an adopter of new technology, was a focus market for the release of the new papers. “Our Australian customers have been given a preliminary look at the papers and the overwhelming feedback is that they are outstanding.  The papers work exceptionally well with pigment and UV inks and we can see them being used for a range of promotional and display applications.”

HP Everyday Pigment Ink Photo Paper is an economic microporous paper that delivers superior image quality with HP Vivera pigment inks. When used together, HP Everyday Pigment Ink Photo Paper and HP Vivera pigment inks provide an ideal system solution for printing photorealistic images with rich detail and vibrant colours.

An evolutionary new price-weigh label has been launched by Hally Labels.  P3 is an innovative solution for perishable food products requiring a price-weigh label that offers improved product presentation, differentiation and as a result, higher margins.

P3 enables top, side and base labelling of a tray; providing increased space for branding, images, product information and promotional messages.  Different shapes and designs can be used to differentiate products, making consumer choice easier. 

"P3 is the latest example of Hally working with our customers to provide a tailored solution.  Our expertise within the perishable food sector ensures that P3 combines functionality with improved product presentation," said Nigal Tutty, new product innovation manager at Hally Labels. 

The launch of P3 culminates an extensive 12 month development period that included successful trials with Coles and Woolworths.  P3 is currently being used for value-added pork products, ready-to-eat salads, and premium beef patties.  It is the ideal solution for perishable food products such as meat, poultry, seafood, produce, dairy and bakery. 

P3 can be applied manually or automatically.  For automatic application Hally have partnered with Inspection Systems, who offer Gemini Flexi-Wrap equipment.  Flexi-Wrap is a high speed weigh label system designed to apply both fixed and catch weight labels as C-fold or complete wrap of the consumer pack. 


Stork Prints sets the new standard for rotary screen printing, by unveiling RSI-2 – an improved version of its acclaimed RSI(r) (Rotary Screen Integration) module, at drupa 2008.

With its modernised design, RSI-2 can be seamlessly integrated into the architecture, software and mechanics of the latest-generation printing presses. Key benefits include full interactivity, better user-friendliness, faster make-ready and a shorter learning curve.

Far from being a stand-alone unit, RSI-2 can be controlled through the main panel of the press. This provides simultaneous, centralised monitoring of all rotary screen positions, alongside other printing and converting operations. A greater number of signals can be viewed at a glance, so that problems are detected almost instantly and remedied in a much shorter time.

In addition, the module’s button-free touch-panel, with an enlarged interface, allows straightforward and unambiguous menu navigation, for fast and fool-proof access to the desired command.

Improved ergonomics are offered too: the outer cover opens easily outwards, and is accessible without physical strain, from ground level, while the squeegee hole is widened to give more maneuverability during insertion.

Bert Grootjen, program manager graphics at Stork Prints, comments: "The RSI-2 is a landmark for rotary screen printing – it is the first modular unit of its kind to offer complete synchronicity with the printing press, from both a software and an engineering perspective. It provides the perfect platform for smooth in-line rotary screen printing in the multi-process converting environment."!, the most proactive and user-friendly MIS/ERP system ever

At Drupa 2008, DiMS! organizing print will launch the most innovative IT product for the graphic arts industry ever,!. Utilizing the comprehensive end-to-end functionality of the existing DiMS! solution, the company has invested
80.000 hours to create a brand-new MIS/ERP system, which enables an extremely pro-active and
easy way of conducting business. The inevitable results produce themselves in: ease of use; less
errors; speed of business processes; reduced training time for new employees; improved process
flow information and increased efficiency. In this press announcement we highlight some of the
features that make! unique of its kind.
Adaptive, autodidactic user interface
Based on the MS Vista look and feel,! can be adapted to the user’s application behaviour
and requirements, achieving outstanding user-friendliness. For the most advanced users all
functionalities are available, where less demanding or one-time users can also easily operate the
system. The clear and autodidactic set-up of the system enables every user to operate it to his or her own needs.

Colours lead the way

The various sections of the system are colour coded, showing the right flowchart at a single glance. In addition, a context sensitive ribbon menu represents the consecutive steps in the flow process – whether it’s for quote, order, or something else – and shows the status of each process step through coloured flags: green, yellow, red and blue.

Smart memory
Every flow step has various options; the system automatically adopts the ideal and favorite work methods of the individual user. All options selected the last time automatically present themselves on top, just like documents that belong to a record; the last generated ones show themselves first. This makes working with the! software a daily pleasure. Any document can be saved with an order in!, whether they are e-mails, attachments or documents received from customers.! achieves a new height with this method in organizing business processes.

Drupa – stand 9A25
Come and see us at Drupa, stand 9A26, to ensure that you’re one of the first to learn all about this brand-new DiMS! version. You are most welcome at our stand (# 9A25). We would appreciate it if you would call (+31 544 396 600) to make an appointment.
“With this new release, we again live up to the expectations of being the pioneering MIS/ERP solution provider in the industry. Observations of prospects and customers stating that the DiMS! system is 5 to 6 years ahead of the competition is the rule rather than the exception and that’s a promise we will keep for many years to come”, said Mr. Gerard Marneth, CEO, DiMS! organizing print.


GMG opts for the original Adobe interpreter in its software products for the first time

Tuebingen (03.26.2008) – GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, today announced that its ColorProof version 4.5.2 will incorporate new RIP interpreter technology based on the latest Adobe® PDF Print Engine technology.

PDF has been accepted as the de facto standard for dependable and more secure electronic information exchange in the graphic arts industry. Adobe Acrobat is the leading software for streamlining creative workflows and managing PDF files. Implementation of the Adobe PDF Print Engine technology in GMG ColorProof now guarantees 100% compatibility with Adobe Acrobat® software and Adobe Creative Suite® versions 2 and 3. For GMG users, this means that GMG ColorProof produces precisely the same results as displayed in Adobe Acrobat.

Additional benefits include enhanced font handling with fewer errors, optimized transparency handling and qualitatively better support of PDF and PDX files. Further, new PDF specifications can be implemented much faster than in previous versions.

In addition to integrating Adobe PDF Print Engine technology, GMG ColorProof 4.5.2 also features other new functions, such as:
* Halftone proof support of the HP Z 6100
* The high-quality mode of the Epson 4880, 7880 and 9880 with smoother appearance, e.g. for photo prints
* High-speed printing for form proofs, likewise for the Epson 4880, 7880 and 9880
* 16-bit support for data import

Version 4.5.2 is available free of charge to users of GMG ColorProof 4.5 and customers with a service agreement. Owners of an older version can purchase the update from authorized GMG dealers.

Adobe PDF Print Engine technology will be integrated not only in GMG ColorProof, but also in GMG DotProof, GMG FlexoProof, GMG ColorServer, and GMG InkOptimizer. The new versions will be available starting in March.

"GMG is dedicated to supporting standards. Since Adobe is the RIP standard in the graphic arts industry, it was only logical for GMG to go for this standard in its software as well. This enables us to guarantee the support of complex workflows," says Jawdatt Mawassii, Vice President Business Development and Strategy of GMG GmbH & Co. KG.

"Adobe is pleased that GMG has adopted the Adobe PDF Print Engine technology at the heart of its software," said Raman Nagpal, director for product management and engineering, Print Technologies at Adobe. "GMG is growing rapidly in the proofing sector and Adobe’s technology is helping them to address market segments such as gravure printing, packaging and flexo."

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