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Prinergy seminars give users what they want

Monday, 27 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

First unveiled at this year’s PrintEx (for which it earned a prestigious Print 21 Hot Pick), Kodak has been busy making its way around the country promoting the software to business nation-wide.

Demonstrated by Rich Ramirez, technical support, the session’s – which some Sydney members complained was delivered too speedily – showed audiences new features including the Adobe PDF print version, Prinergy Hub and Spoke, new linierisation curve, workflow plan automation and tiff download improvements.

The seminar was divided between advancements to Prinergy Evo and Prinergy Connect. Evo can now be used independently of Prinergy and is accessible by multiple Prinergy users.

Pictured: Rich Ramirez, technical support with Simon FitzGerald, national sales manager, graphic communications group.

"Evo now has more functionality," Ramirez said. "It has back up and restore functionality that a lot of people have been wanting for a while."

New features in Connect include the ability to create and assign free form text notes to a job, rules-based automation, the ability to run on a Windows 03 server, layered PDF versioning and the opportunity for print service providers to personalise Prinergy to match their business needs through adding details such as proof due dates, CSR and operator names.

"The notes mean that CSRs don’t even have to get on the phone and talk to each other," Ramirez said.

Napil Abdel, sales manager at Mosaic, demonstrated how fellow workflow specialist Tharsten and Kodak can work together by creating a job in Tharsten and sending it over to Prinergy with ease.

"Tharsten has gone further than some other companies out there – it sends over imposition information as well," he said.

Abdel believes that breaking through the fourth wall with an interactive presentation is an important way of engaging with potential customers. "From the MIS point of view it shows that JDF integration is real and not just available in a brochure," he said.

The Sydney event drew a crowded room of over 50 people, many of whom were existing customers according to Sue McQuate, software trainer. "I’m thrilled by the attendance," she said.

Pictured: Napil Abdel, sales manager, Mosaic with Sue McQuate, Kodak software trainer.
Numbers in both Sydney and Melbourne were so strong that Kodak staff are now preparing to hit the road again. "We are planning similar events in Queensland and Western Australia along with a second Prinergy day in Melbourne," said Gord Weisflock, market development.

"A lot of customers mentioned that it is hard for them to keep up-to-date on technology and appreciate Kodak for having events like this."

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