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Print 21 industry plan is officially launched

Tuesday, 20 March 2001
By Print 21 Online Article

A gathering of 50 industry people mainly from South Australia attended the launch on Friday March 9 at Lane Print in Adelaide. The twice-postponed launch was described as generally positive and an indication of what the industry can accomplish when it gets together. Concerns about over capacity and falling profit margins underlined the importance of the documents that will be widely disseminated throughout the industry.

The document is the culmination of three years of research and consultation by industry bodies under the auspices of the Printing Industries Association (PIA). It consists of a three part publication: an executive summary which gives an overview of the process and the conclusions: a work book consisting of the research papers that have formed the basis of the agenda; a tool kit which has been produced by an industry consultant, Goran Roos.

According to Trevor Hone, chairman of the Print21 Action committee, the tool kit forms the core of the document. It is designed to help printers apply the findings of the research papers to their own enterprise. Results from trial sessions where printers have worked through the tool kits have been very positive, said Hone. He expects more printers to become involved in trials after the official launch.

Copies of the documents are available to the industry without charge and workshops to encourage their implementation will be held across the country.

The working papers can be downloaded from the web site at

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