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Print consolidation behind delay

Thursday, 01 March 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Though this delay caused an 11.7 percent fall in revenue, costing Sensis $885 million, the seemingly large blow will impinge little upon Sensis as a whole. “The first half of the financial results were impacted by movement in the printing schedule,” explained Stephen Ronchi, Sensis communications manager. “The distribution schedule has been realigned so that the Melbourne Yellow Pages will be delivered in the second half of the financial year. The overall financials won’t be impacted.”

Delivery of the Yellow Pages was put on hold after Sensis spent “an extra few weeks” reviewing its schedule with suppliers. The Yellow Pages and the White Pages are printed by PMP, which transferred its Melbourne directory printing to Sydney last year. Ronchi does not believe that this action will affect the company’s overall profitability.

Print often faces an up-hill battle in the electronic age and Sensis publications White and Yellow Pages and Trading Post have not been exempt from this. Advertisers have continually opted for online advertising which they believe will be noticed greater than an advertisement placed in the door-stopping Yellow Pages. Likewise, the Trading Post has also struggled in its print format, while the online version of the publication is thriving.

Ronchi said that in spite of this, he was not aware of any plans to eradicate a print version of the Trading Post, nor was he aware of any reductions to the number of White and Yellow Pages being printed.

“Our print volumes do fluctuate, but I haven’t seen any indication that there will be a reduction,” he said. “The directories are still delivered to almost every home and business and there’s still many people who use these directories each month.”

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