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Print finally finds a friend in Facebook

Tuesday, 12 October 2010
By Print 21 Online Article

The F word has hit a raw nerve with many in the print community, but one man has proved that the addictive social networking site could have great print potential.

Artist, Benjamin Lotan, has launched Printing Facebook, a website which allows Facebook users to print a 20” x 40” poster displaying images from their Facebook wall for $20.

Lotan told media that the large poster (pictured below) takes the Facebook experience to a newer level due to its sheer size. "It’s totally different from looking at pictures on Facebook," he said. "You get drawn into it. It’s a trace of everyone you’ve known or met."

Dave Marshall, president of the Photo Imaging Council of Australia, previously warned users of the danger of sharing photos solely online. “ … if your photos are on Facebook, they could disappear, and are often low resolution,” he told Print21 this year.

TIf it gains momentum, this initiative could mean that user photos stick around much longer. Currently, 2000 people “like” the Friend Poster on Facebook.

What’s next? Print21 eagerly awaits the release of the Twitter Poster. (And on that note, you can find us on Twitter here). Who says we have a pathological fear of self-promotion?


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