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Print leaders band together as Pulp and Paper Industry Strategy Group

Tuesday, 23 June 2009
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Printing Union joins the Pulp and Paper Industry Strategy Group to encourage innovation and attract investment in pulp and paper manufacturing in Australia.

Members of the Strategy Group will include senior representatives from the leading pulp and paper companies, unions, and all levels of government.The group will be overseen by key industry figures, Jim Henneberry, executive general manager of Australian Paper and Michael O’Connor, national assistant secretary of the CFMEU’s Forestry and Furnishing Products Division.

Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr, who announced the launch of the Strategy Group, believes that the industry and government needs to work together to create an operating environment where it makes good business sense for international firms to invest in Australia.

 “The pulp and paper manufacturing sector employs some 19,000 people and contributes around $1.3 billion a year to the Australian economy,” Senator Carr said.

"It is an important industry, particularly in regional areas, so it is vital we get the balance right between environmental concerns and economic activity in order to take Australia forward on a sustainable basis.

"The industry is undergoing a period of rationalisation, particularly in meeting the challenges of the current global recession.

"We need a full and frank assessment of the challenges and opportunities facing the sector, which is what this Review will provide. Innovation and investment are the keys to achieving a world-class pulp and paper industry.”

The Strategy Group will be chaired by Stephen Payne, head of the Manufacturing Division in the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, with Henneberry and O’Connor as deputy co-chairs. A full list of members is below:

Chair: Stephen Payne, Head of Division, Manufacturing Division, Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.
Deputy Co-Chairs: Jim Henneberry, Executive General Manager, Australian Paper; Michael O’Connor, National Assistant Secretary, Forestry and Furnishing Products Division, CFMEU
Industry Companies: Peter Chrisp, Regional President, Norske Skog Australasia Pty Limited; Dr Ross Hearne, General Manager, Corporate Services-South Asia,  Kimberley-Clark Australia; John Gay, Executive Chairman and Managing Director, Gunns Limited; Don Matthews, Chief Operating Officer, Amcor Australia; John Murphy, CEO, Pratt Holdings Proprietary Limited (Visy); Jon Ryder, General Manager, PaperlinX Printing & Publication Papers, PaperlinX; Paul Thompson, President, SCA Hygiene Australasia
Industry Unions: Alex Millar, Secretary, Pulp and Paper Worker’s Branch, CFMEU; Steve Walsh, National President, Printing Division, AMWU
Industry Experts: Dr Bob Smith, Board of Directors, VicForests; Dr Nafty Vanderhoek, Research Group Leader, CSIRO

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