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Print management arrangement set to unwind – ‘Jonesy’

Thursday, 28 September 2006
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The unravelling of a major print management contract with one of the major banks was a point of departure in a landmark presentation by GASAA president, Mike Jones, when he hosted Tuesday’s LIA plant inspection around his Mascot digital printing factory. Speaking at the Graphic Arts Club following the tour, Jones cautioned the mainly offset printing audience against jumping into digital without careful consideration.

He emphasized the danger of being seduced by technology, warning against attending every seminar and becoming diverted from the core motivation of being in business -– to make money. Drawing on his own pioneering experiences in making the transition from offset to digital, the managing director of CDM drew a picture of tight margins, especially in colour digital production.

As one of the major digital print companies in Sydney CDM is a state of the art Fuji Xerox equipped company with an iGen3 and a bank of digital engines. It is a leading developer of personalised printing solutions for direct marketing.

Jones made no secret of his frustration with print management companies intruding between printers and their customers and hinted at the imminent dissolution of a major print contract in the financial sector. He declined to give further details or identify the parties.

The CDM plant tour drew over 40 industry professionals to what Grant Churchill, president of LIA NSW described as one of the most accessible and interesting events this year.

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