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Print package stocks ride ASX storm

Friday, 14 December 2018
By Wayne Robinson

The share prices of listed print companies have been largely unaffected by the current volatility affecting the stock market, instead they have been going in every direction possible.

After rising by five per cent in the first eight months of the year the ASX 200 has dropped by 12 per cent since September.

The country’s biggest printer, PMP, has in fact been going the other way, it has picked up by 10 per cent over the past month to 22c, although compared to a year ago of 47c the price is not a pretty read.

IVE Group’s share price has however shown volatility over the past two months, bouncing around between $2.13 and $2.00 since October, it is currently at $2.10. It began the year at $2.17 and reached $2.30 at one point.

Wayne Sidwell’s Wellcom Group has bucked the down trend of the ASX, it has been on a continual upswing all year, apart from the last week, rising 15 per cent since this time last year. Beginning the year at $4.25 it is currently $4.86, although on Monday it was $5.10.

Paper merchant Spicers began the year on 4c, and since it divested its Asian operations six months ago it has been on a steady climb, now sitting at 5.5c.

The big packaging companies all struggled to get traction on the ASX, Amcor spending the year sliding in value, beginning at $15.27 and ending at $13.24. It did briefly rally at the beginning of August back to its starting price, but negative sentiment soon took over again.

Amcor spin-off Orora rose from $3.29 to $3.69 in August but then spent the rest of the year in retreat mode, ending 3 per cent below its starting price at $3.21.

Pro Pac saw its share price drop by more than half, to 20c from 47c, eventually costing CEO Grant Harrod his job. Harrod blamed the drought for its loss of business in the agricultural bags sector.

Finally stock market darling Red Bubble saw its stock price start well, up from $1.25 12 months ago to $1.97 three months later, remain steady all year, then fall off a cliff in the last two months, ending up at the $1 marker.

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