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Printer delivers on Grand Final Day

Friday, 17 October 2014
By Company press release

Stadium Signs prove to be champions when it comes to printing large format banners for the MCG on their new Mimaki JFX 200 from Spicers.

Stadium Signs in leafy Ferntree Gully are possibly one of the most envied sign-makers in Melbourne. The company, which produces signage for big name brands for installation into the aforementioned MCG, Crown and Federation Square, is also one of the privileged few to have a pre-front row seat to the stadiums during most major events in Australia’s sporting calendar.

‘It’s a real honour to have that contractor’s pass to go onto the ground, and we respect that,’ said Pamela Hammond, director and sales and marketing manager. ‘We love the sporting culture and to be involved in it on this level is a great thrill.’

Warren Davey, Spicers, with Pamela Hammond and Leigh Onions of Stadium Signs

It’s also a great responsibility. Big name brands that approach Stadium Signs aren’t just after a one-dimensional sign to stick on the wall. They are after brand theatre or a brand experience, to really engage the consumer in the brand rather than just being a passive observer.

‘Stadium Signs is involved in not only most of the above ground signage but also the Grand Final AFL Sprint every year, and it’s an incredible experience,’ Pamela smiles. ‘The amount of work that goes into not only printing the sponsor signs but also setting up is extensive. But it is so rewarding, thinking that thousands of people will watch it.’

Understandably, companies are after absolute perfection when it comes to this many people viewing their brands. And this is where Mimaki comes in.

‘It is imperative that our colours perfectly match our clients brand guidelines,’ Pamela says. ‘When you think that at the Grand Final alone there are almost 100,000 people present, not to mention those watching at home, there is no room for error. It needs to look brilliant. And that’s why we’ve been so thrilled with Mimaki. We can rely on it. It delivers on time, every time.’

Not surprisingly, working with commitments this large requires a great machine. Hence Stadium Signs founder/director Leigh Onions and Pamela decided it was time add another printer that could handle these jobs.

‘We did a lot of research into flatbed printers but we just kept coming back to Mimaki, every time,’ explains Pamela. ‘We’ve been extremely happy with our Mimaki JV5 roll to roll and now we are ecstatic with our Mimaki JFX200. As an example, Spicers installed the machine a few weeks ago on a Monday. By the Thursday it was printing 27 nine-metre long signs for the MCG, and had finished in three hours. They were then installed the next morning. That’s a phenomenal turn around.’

But it’s not just the speed and quality that Leigh and Pamela love about Mimaki. It’s the fact they can breathe easy when the pressure is on, knowing they can trust the machine.

‘An urgent job came in and we realised we only had one piece of spare Corflute left over,’ Pamela says. ‘We were praying nothing went wrong. And absolutely nothing did, it was amazing. We were all high-fiving each other.’

Warren Davey, Sales Executive for Spicers, was also instrumental with the decision to purchase the Mimaki JFX200. Significantly, Stadium Signs were the first in Victoria to have this brand of flatbed installed.

‘We’ve really enjoyed the process of helping Stadium Signs with their decision to purchase a printing solution.’ Warren says. ‘We don’t just sell printers, we sell plans to help your business grow and make money, and we’re really pleased with how well it has worked out for them.’

Of course, Stadium Signs also know that the purchase was a sound fiscal decision. The Mimaki JFX200 is one of the best-priced printers on the market, especially considering the advantages it brings.

‘When you consider the amount of time we save, as well as materials and labour, it was a very sensible purchase. We’re not risk takers,’ states Pamela.

Hence the decision to purchase from Spicers was an investigated one, and pleasingly, one that is paying off handsomely.

‘Spicers were able to deliver immediately, which was perfect timing for the Grand Final work. Everything has happened exactly as it was promised, with tender loving care,’ Pamela enthuses. ‘The technical back-up has been incredible. It’s just been so fantastic, we really could not be happier.’


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