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Printer gets award for turning waste paper into cash

Thursday, 28 September 2006
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Penfold Buscombe took home a Highly Commended honour at the 2006 Endeavour Awards for the recycling program, part of an upgrade to its waste handling systems that saw it cooperating with Visy Recycling, along with Donaldson Australasia, providers of filtration system and replacement parts.

During the upgrade process, Penfold Buscombe decided to establish a recycling loop between its plant and Visy Recycling. Visy collects the waste and moves it to its bulk centre in western Sydney for processing, before shipping it to various sites for reuse. The system handles the waste from seven presses, seven folders, three stitching lines, one mailer and four guillotines and the project has been subsidised by Visy to ensure an uninterrupted supply of raw material for its dedicated recycling plants.

Penfold Buscombe claims the initiative has delivered genuine bottom-line benefits to the company and hails it as a revolutionary step that will eventually remove the long-standing industry practice of lossful or low-profit recycling. This new solution has also improved productivity by about 20 per cent and decreased downtime in the production process.

Richard Adams, NSW commercial manager at Visy Recycling, says the project shows there can be a very real commercial advantage for printers who put leftover resources through a recycling process rather than into general waste.

“It actually costs less than putting it out with general waste and most products can be sorted into various grades for recycling,” says Adams. “From Penfold Buscombe, we retrieve about 200 tonnes per month, so to emphasise the importance of recycling industrial leftovers we always consider subsidising a scenario that can provide volume and quality.”

Instead of shipping perfectly reusable material to landfill, the project has delivered benefits to the environment while also creating new revenue streams for Penfold Buscombe. For example, ‘white liner’ is manufactured for use in the exteriors of cardboard boxes; lower grade mills are recycled for making cardboard; plastic film is collected from the site, exported and passed onto overseas companies specialising in plastic product.

Bill Halbert, national manager at of industrial air filters for Donaldson Australasia, says the Endeavour Award recognises the length to which the three companies went to ensure the plant upgrade didn’t just collect waste, it actually turned the recycling process into a effective source of profit.

“Our consulting engineer, Mr Dominique Ollitrault, had to consider that Penfold was not just making a periodic upgrade to its waste handling systems when we began the project. He was mindful that it had to be efficient in its energy consumption, needed to align with the company’s excellent OH&S standards, and was able to handle all matter of paper-based waste from a large-scale print and bind operation,” said Halbert.

“Donaldson engineered the collection and handling system, Penfold goes about its normal processes in the knowledge its plant is clean and recycling-conscious, and Visy receives economically viable quantities of waste paper and cardboard which it recycles into various grades, some of it export stock,” he says.

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