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Printers profit from being ‘green’

Friday, 31 October 2003
By Print 21 Online Article

“Not only does being a ‘green’ printer benefit the environment, it can be very profitable for the companies concerned,” said Printing Industries NSW Regional Manager, Tim Abrams,

On Monday Printing Industries hosted a Cleaner Production seminar in Sydney featuring case studies from PMP and Focus Press. The studies demonstrated the gains to be made from adopting ‘environmentally friendly’ workplace policies and procedures (see cover story Print21 magazine October edition).

Printing company representatives learn the benefits of Cleaner Production from PMP and Focus Press case studies.

“The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) will spend this money to help a number of companies develop test cases to act as a template for other printers to follow,” Abrams said.

“A reduction in waste equals a reduction in raw materials used. This in turn reduces energy and saves more money.”

By implementing a ‘clean production process’ printers can achieve:

  • Better inventory and purchasing control to reduce wastes
  • Reduced air leakage in compressed air systems
  • More efficient use of electricity and energy
  • Better segregation of recyclable and land filled wastes

“Currently 20 per cent of commercial waste disposed to landfill in the Sydney Metropolitan Area is made up of Paper and Cardboard. It’s up to us individually to lead by example to promote a cleaner environment,” Abrams said.

NSW companies interested in the Cleaner Production project can contact Tim Abrams on 02. 9248 7300 or

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