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Printers Profit Manifesto keeps business on track

Tuesday, 09 December 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

You’ve seen your costs go up, sales go down and your profits get squeezed as the printing time bomb ticks fatally closer.  If you want to survive in the firestorm ahead, it’s time to discover Print 2.0, a new approach to selling print.  Nick Devine has some tips on how to stop your business from going up in smoke.

In a survey conducted by Printing Industries, Australia, only 3 per cent of respondents cited inferior technology as the reason for loss of sales, while 44% cited the changing needs of customers as the main reason.

In addition to this, NAPL research shows that in the last 10 years, the U.S. had a net loss of 7,000 printers. That’s a 19.5 per cent drop in the net number of printing establishments.  

PIA/GATF research clearly shows that 75 per cent of printers have net profits of less than 1 per cent.’s research shows that over a 15-year period we’ve had a net decline of 15,000 printers in total in the U.S. market.

The British Print Industry Federation’s research also shows a 22 per cent decline in the total number of printers and a 26 per cent decline in the total number of employees since 2000. 

The data is clear.  The conclusion is inescapable.  Print 1.0 is in its final death throes.  The old traditional ways of selling print no longer work.  It is possible you already know that without me pointing it out.  Our print company was in a similar position two years ago.  Here’s what our business was experiencing:

* Doing more and more estimates which resulted in fewer sales at ever-lower profit margins
* Listening to salespeople tell us that they could only win the new business if we cut our prices
* Watching our costs go up as we fought harder and harder to attract new customers and hold on to the ones we already had
* Noticing a slow but steady decline in our sales and profits despite working harder and harder to attract new customers 

It’s not your fault
Of course this was not the fault of my partners or their salespeople.  They were following the traditional Print 1.0 sales model – a sales model that’s increasingly out-of-date, irrelevant, and inappropriate for today’s sales challenges. 

The reality is that they were given bad advice when it came to sales and marketing. 

Selling can be difficult in the best of times.  In times like this, it is incredibly frustrating… unless you have a system that produces predictable results.  I know I’ve had to learn selling the hard way.

I’m certainly not a natural salesperson.  I’m not really sure what a natural salesperson is, but I do know I’m not one of them.  I got fired from my first three sales jobs.  In one job I lasted only 12 hours because I was that hopeless. 

I once tried to sell encyclopedias door-to-door in New South Wales.  I failed to sell a single set in 14 weeks.  It was commission only.  I didn’t eat a lot!

Eventually, due to a large investment of time and study,  I figured out a system of selling that worked in any market, any economic climate, and any industry. 

I still have to tailor the system each time I enter a new industry.  This takes a little bit of time and research, but pays massive dividends.  I’ve used that system to earn millions of dollars for myself – and my clients – over the years. 

When I started working with my partners in our print company two years ago, I implemented the same system in our company.   

This year, we are on track to double (that is a 100 per cent increase) our sales and profits from using this system. This is all new business.  This isn’t because I’m a great natural salesperson.  The evidence clearly says I’m not.  But the system I’ve developed works like a dream, and that’s all we’re interested in. 

The reason this works so well in the printing industry, is that most of our competitors are still using a Print 1.0 sales model.  Our system is based on a Print 2.0 sales model.  As you read Printer’s Profit Manifesto you’ll begin to understand more about Print 2.0. 

What Is Print 2.0?

Like all powerful ideas, the core of Print 2.0 is very simple.  Print 1.0 was all about product and price; and Print 2.0 is all about the customer. 

That may seem like a simple difference, but in reality, it’s a fundamental change to how things are done.  Instead of the printing equipment being at the center of your company, now the customer is at the center of your company. 

It’s like in the internet world.  Web 1.0 was all about content.  Web 2.0 is all about community and customers.  That’s why sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are exploding right now.  Brochure sites are dying, community sites are soaring. 

As you begin to read Printer’s Profit Manifesto, you’ll learn how this impacts your printing company.  I lay out step-by-step how your sales and marketing model needs to be changed to sell successfully in this new world.  And how you can get your profit margins to a level where you can sleep peacefully at night. 

A new world of sales and profit opportunities
One of the things you’ll discover as you read Printer’s Profit Manifesto Part 1 is that there is a whole new world of profit opportunities out there waiting for you.  And you can tap into those profit opportunities without slashing your profits.  In the last year, we’ve seen our own sales increase and our profit margins increase.  You can do the same.

If you want to attract more customers, increase your sales and boost your profits, I invite you to download Part 1 of Printer’s Profit Manifesto today. 

In Part 1, you’ll discover the two sides of the printing industry.  Printers Profit Shock (Print 1.0) and the Printers Profit Shift (Print 2.0). 

Printers Profit Shock reveals 20 vicious assaults on your sales and profits.  If you don’t understand the FULL printing landscape you won’t realise why it’s important to make the required changes in your own company.  This describes the world of Print 1.0.   

Printers Profit Shift uncovers 25 profit jackpots just waiting for you to harvest. These are the strategies that allow you to leapfrog the competition… magnetically attract higher-quality prospects who don’t price shop and send your profits soaring.  This begins to describe Print 2.0.  In parts 2 and 3 of the Manifesto I’ll give you the step-by-step sales model to succeed in a Print 2.0 world.   

If you have any challenges with sales or profits in your company then Printer’s Profit Manifesto will certainly help you.  Grab your copy today while it’s still available for free. 

Click here for a free copy of Printers Profit Manifesto.

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