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PrintEx repays Currie commitment

Wednesday, 20 May 2015
By Print 21 Online Article

As the largest exhibitor at the show, it is fitting the Group notched up good sales during the three days in Sydney. But its success didn’t stop there.

Almost every piece of equipment on the Currie Group stand – by far the most populated at the show – was sold by the time the doors were closed on Friday. Asserting its premiere position as the main graphic arts supply company in the region, Currie Group not only invested more than anyone else but in the end likely gained more too.

Another side of Currie Group: Phil Rennell (right) presents Michael Warshall, Nulab with the Brilliant Images Award.

According to Phil Rennell, sales director and chairman of the PrintEx 2015 committee, orders were taken and contracts signed on all the major items. “We had a strong showing as you know. We’re very pleased with the number of visitors and certainly pleased with the sales results we can announce.

“For instance, Port Printing in WA has confirmed its HP Indigo 10000 purchase, the first in the west, in a exciting move for the business and their customers. Dashing Print has signed up for the HP 7800 on the stand as part of another multi-press deal, which will complete its transition to a digital offset platform.

“There were additional orders for HP Indigo presses at the show and the company is very happy with the outcome.

“The label and packaging business also had a strong showing and I can confirm the HP Indigo WS6800 and the AB Graphics converting solution are sold and will be installed soon in Melbourne and NZ.

“The Scodix Ultra (below) has been snapped up into CMYKhub providing new levels of productivity and functionality for digital embellishment, whilst Matt and Jason Mills of Fuzed from New Zealand confirmed they will be taking a Scodix Ultra over the Tasman.”

But it wasn’t all digital printing equipment. Currie Group has one of the strongest finishing equipment lines in the industry with Horizon. The Horizon Stitchliner 6000 that took pride of place on the stand was sold to Clark Murphy Print.

There were prepress sales too, with three orders for Cron CtP taken at the show.

“Our cross collaboration with HP in the signage and display business meant many our customers were able to discuss their needs right across the print platform. Overall there was a great deal of interest in what we bought to the show and we leave Sydney with many new prospects across the board,” said Rennell.

One of the brightest prospects is for a major sale into Melbourne of a HP Indigo 10000 along with a HP T230 inkjet press and finishing solution. Currie Group is expecting to be able to announce the successful sale shortly.

Currie Group’s contribution to the success of the show went beyond the Sydney Showground. Over 300 industry types were treated to the traditional Currie Cruise on Sydney Harbour on the Thursday night. One of the most sought-after tickets of the whole show, it served to highlight the Group’s success as the industry’s preeminent supplier.

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