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Printing Industries Election Day 2014 – Statement by David Leach

Friday, 03 October 2014
By Print 21 Online Article

In response to recent comments in Print21 by a candidate for the current board elections, I fully respect every person’s right to have an opinion, and to express it.

I do however regret that there are several incorrect claims within those comments, and I am very surprised that anyone wanting to help the industry has chosen to be so personally critical of the Board and CEO with whom they’d need to work if elected.

I know that elected Board Members will find many great things underway and many of the issues recently raised are already being addressed.

I again encourage all those eligible to vote to do so, to ensure the Association has an effective Board to provide leadership during this critical time for the industry.

David Leach

Printing Industries

Voting for the Board of Printing Industries closes today (Wednesday 8 October) at 4.00pm at the Auburn Office in Sydney. Only those members in receipt of a ballot paper can participate, but if they have yet to cast their vote they’ll have to deliver the ballot paper to the HQ before the cut off time. [ed]

One Response to “Printing Industries Election Day 2014 – Statement by David Leach”

  1. October 07, 2014 at 10:07 am,


    This statement is disingenuous.

    David Leach came out swinging first, endorsing his own set of candidates, including one who is attempting to unseat a sitting board member.In the process he cast anyone opposing his candidates as being “non-progressive”, a term which is meaningless without the context of a full policy statement.

    Clearly Leach et al are running a board ticket and it would have been more honest of them to make this clear from the start. To act as though each of the challengers are somehow dangerous to the good running of the board is poor form and obviously untrue.

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