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Printing industry think-tank focuses on innovation

Tuesday, 15 May 2012
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One of Australia’s leading innovation practitioners and thinkers, Alan Ryan, will be the keynote speaker at printing industry innovation forums to be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Ryan is the executive director of the Hargraves Institute, an Australian ‘think tank’ organisation renowned for sharing its innovation knowledge, tools and techniques to create successful businesses. He is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology (UTS) Business School and the director of Managed Innovation International.

The Institute is named after aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave, who believed his inventions were there to benefit anybody who wished to use them. The Institute uses collaboration and collective wisdom to share knowledge among its members.

“In this globalising world, everyone has access to every type of information. But what people really value is being able to interact with someone in business in a similar situation to themselves,” Ryan said.

The forums Innovate or Stagnate the Why? How & What? are being run by Printing Industries in conjunction with the Hargrave Institute and sponsored by Media Super.

Joe Kowalewski, national director of communications and marketing for Printing Industries, said everyone attending the lunchtime forums would leave would some invaluable insights into identifying and using innovation in their businesses.

“The collective wisdom and experience gained through more than 100 innovation projects from many of Australia’s leading business will be shared with attendees and examples provided of how innovation has impacted on printing businesses.

“With so many businesses looking for a competitive edge and trying to value-add in what they provide to their customers, being able to identify and implement innovation can be the catalyst that provides what they need. But first they need to learn exactly what innovation is and where to find it and then be guided in how to use it. These seminars have been designed with this purpose in mind,” said Kowalewski.

The seminars begin in Adelaide on 28 May featuring Ryan as keynote speaker, followed by Perth on 30 May featuring Tess Julian, a member of the Institute responsible for research, training sand innovation systems. The Australia-wide tour will continue with Ryan presenting in Brisbane on 4 June, Sydney 5 June and Melbourne 7 June.

Information on each city session is available by contacting or by calling your local Printing Industries office on 1800 227b 425 or via this link.

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