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printIQ lands in UK ahead of schedule

Tuesday, 15 May 2018
By Patrick Howard

“The UK is a new one for us. It came out of the blue and changed our plans:” Anthony Lew, CEO, PrintIQ

An urgent ‘out of the blue’ inquiry from a North London printer brought forward the software creator’s plans to establish a presence in Britain.

According to Anthony Lew, CEO, printIQ, the move into the UK was planned for early 2019 so doing it ahead of schedule has meant some late nights and some extra organising to have staff on the ground. “The UK is a new one for us. It came out of the blue and changed our plans,” said Lew. “The customer, called us, asked if we could be up and running within four weeks when the previous system was to be turned off. So of course, we said ‘yes,’ we’ll do that.”

The first install then turned out to be the first of many prospective customers in the UK that are looking at printIQ installations.  “We were very surprised at the response, in a good way of course. To see the same reaction in a new market as what we find here was exactly the stating point we were hoping for,” Lew said.

The UK expansion comes on top of printIQ’s continuing success in the US market, leading to the establishment of support and implementation facilities on both the West and East Coasts. In addition a new office in Canada, has come on board to drive expansion in that market.

printIQ’s international success follows a ten-year growth blitz ever since the company launched its workflow production system in 2008. Operating from three locales here; Wellington NZ, Collingwood in Victoria and Burleigh Heads Queensland two thirds of the 35 people in the company are in development and implementation and support.

The overseas drive represents both a new opportunity and a natural progression into new markets. Lew believes that given the size of the USA market, it is less competitive than it is here.

“The Australian MIS market has a lot of players, everyone knows the printIQ brand and it’s so well regarded. In contrast, in the US, the market is enormous, there are fewer players and generally no one knows who we are. The one thing that the two have in common is that as long as we get in front of a customer we invariably make a sale,” he said.

Part of the reason behind the success, he believes, is the ability and determination of printIQ to continue to develop the system to meet customer’s requirements. Lew tells of American printers coming to the company at trade shows dissatisfied with the inability of their mainstream systems to change.

“Sixty percent of our customers are converting from other systems. They complain that nothing ever changes, that it’s the same product over the past ten years. We continually invest in product development to be able to change. Thirty percent of our revenue goes on R&D. Yes, it’s a costly thing to do, but we look at it more like a marketing cost. If we build a great product, it sells itself.,” he said.

“Everyone’s workflow is different. The printIQ approach is to enable customers to create a workflow that supports their business.  We achieve this by equipping them with a toolbox full of gadgets and plugins that ultimately allow them to create a unique workflow. We give them the tools. We hold their hands, and when they don’t know how, we show them what it is they can actually do,” said Lew.

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