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Thursday, 28 September 2006
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Serendipity Software has updated its flagship offering Blackmagic to version 3.3. Performance has improved with the ability to configure multiple imaging and rendering processors on the same box. This release aims to harness the power of the new Apple Mac Pro machines building on the previously released Universal Application for the Intel Core Duo Processors.

Further enhancements have been made to the SoftProof option with more tools to view and manage jobs. Multiple jobs can be loaded into tabbed SoftProof with a thumbnail sidebar for ease of navigation.

Other improvements support for multi-colour ICC profiles. This means machines with different inks from the traditional CMYK can be used allowing for greater gamuts or specialist packaging inks such as white.

New digital press for Xeikon

The new Xeikon 6000 digital colour press boast a speed of 160 A4 pages per minute, which translates to 9,600 full-colour pages per hour and a duty cycle of almost 4,000,000 pages per month. It includes a new Digital-Front-End (X-800) and Form Adapted (FA) for enhanced edge workflow management and output quality.

Media handling capabilities are also enhanced, with the Xeikon 6000 handling paper stock from 40 to 350 gsm and running a wide array of substrates including paperboard. Being web-fed it boasts increased format flexibility, running substrate widths from 320 to 500 mm and unlimited, flexible image length.

“We have made significant investments in the Xeikon 6000 as well as our proprietary toner research, production and software development. With the launch of the Xeikon 6000, these investments result in significant benefits to our customers. As Punch Graphix we are committed to provide cutting-edge technology,” says Ben Van Assche, CEO of Punch Graphix.

The new X-800 Digital-Front-End offers high-speed support, FA toner support, a fifth colour and colour management tools. A full-colour IPDS (Intelligent Print Data Stream) controller is also available. The new FA toner technology offers enhanced image quality, better colours a wider application range and its increased colour gamut means the press is now Pantone licensed.


Heidelberg expands its Suprasetter family

Offset giant releases its Suprasetter A52 and A74 models, the latest additions to its thermal platesetter range.

Heidelberg is positioning the new A52 and A74 models as the most cost-effective gateway to thermal plate production for small and medium commercial print shops. The new entries compliment the existing range of platesetters and fill a gap in the entry-level market, with the Suprasetter family now representing a broad, modular range of platesetters that offer various configuration options for small, medium, and large formats.

The new platesetters use the same laser technology as the high-end Suprasetter units, meaning there is no compromise in quality. The new models also provide reliable production through the Intelligent Diode System (IDS), – another feature shared with high-end models.

“Up-and-coming print shops can’t afford to compromise on quality and process reliability,” says Jürgen Rautert, board member for engineering and manufacturing at Heidelberg. “Our aim at Heidelberg has been to provide these customers, who don’t have a particularly large plate throughput, with a cost-effective means of moving into thermal printing plate production.”

“As a result, they are benefiting from cutting-edge technology that enables them to produce print products with the highest of quality standards.”

New automation features make the Suprasetter A52 and A74 models among the most compact devices in their class. By installing the Auto Top Loader (ATL) attachment on the basic machine the manually operated devices of the standard version can be fully automated. Coupled with other enhancements, Heidelberg claims the fully automatic versions of its new Suprasetters are able to function largely without the assistance of an operator.

The new Suprasetter will be available from January 2007 and makes its US debut at GraphExpo in October 2006 in Chicago.

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