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Profiting through Personalisation courses get impressive response rates

Monday, 06 November 2006
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Variable Information has captured the business imagination of Fuji Xerox’s customers – with digital print businesses flocking to enrol in the new variable information (VI) course Profiting through Personalisation.

Chad Pearce (left) Software Marketing Manager and Brett Maishman, Graphic Arts Industry Marketing Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia, with examples of digitally printed, variable information material.

“Attendees are using the course as an opportunity for business development. They are applying the consultative approach highlighted throughout the course in all dealings with their customers,” said Brett Maishman, Industry Marketing Manager, Graphic Arts, Fuji Xerox Australia.

“Full Colour Variable information is an important strategy for our customers’ businesses and is a growth area of the print industry,” he added. “We wanted our customers to understand what VI is all about so that they could put plans into place and start running with it – hence the new course.”

Taking VI to the next level
Garry Duffield, Chief Executive Officer of the Printing Authority of Tasmania, attended the Profiting through Personalisation course along with members of his sales and production teams. They all came away feeling enlightened to the opportunities available to them through variable data.

“Before we went to the VI course, we were using variable data but only at a very basic level,” said Duffield. “We were preparing for the entry level VI side of the market. The course showed us how to approach customers and encourage them to use personalisation and variable data to get more value for their marketing dollars.”

“We now feel confident talking to customers about using their client database to promote their services in a more professional manner,” he continued. “It has brought in business already. The sales reps are now more aware of what we can do and it has had a very positive impact on the business. We intend to retain that focus in the future.”

Having made a significant investment in Xerox products, Duffield and his team have relied on support and education from Fuji Xerox to gain maximum return on their investment. “When you make that sort of investment, you’ve got to be sure that your supplier will continue to support you – particularly through the new phases of digital printing and the introduction of variable information. You’ve got to have a supplier like Fuji Xerox that will support you through the learning period.”

Course encourages Snap management to take a closer look at VI
Many of the Snap Printing franchises around Australia use Fuji Xerox digital machines, including the Xerox DocuColor 2060 and/or the Xerox DocuColor 1250. Steve Edwards, National Sales Manager, Corporate Sales, Snap Printing, has been given the role of selling variable information both internally and externally.

Edwards thought the course was “very good” and now sees Snap moving in a new direction. “I’d known the basics about variable data but the course, and the way the information was delivered, made the management team have a rethink,” he said. “We now see VI as a new product in the market. It is a value add – which is what we are all looking for. The course is delivered well and the information is challenging. We intend to use it to our advantage.”

“We have an excellent ongoing relationship with Fuji Xerox. By developing this VI division, Fuji Xerox has affirmed its commitment to its customers,” Edwards added. In addition, Edwards is working with Fuji Xerox’s Brett Maishman to plan a series of national roadshows taking VI out to the Snap franchisees.

“Snap sees VI as a valuable initiative. We’re always looking for something that’s not commodity driven. There’s something more to this – it’s a market that is set to grow,” explained Edwards. “As with any new business, you have to learn where to find the markets. This is where Fuji Xerox has helped: by identifying the markets that we can transpose down through our franchises.”

Anyone interested in the attending the Fuji Xerox Australia VI Educational Courses can contact Brett Maishman on +61 2 9856 5000 or

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