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Proofing professionals prove there is a Santa Claus

Monday, 20 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

CyraChrome’s Christmas cards have become a tradition in the printing industry. Every year they try a new theme, throw caution to the wind and use the latest digital printing technology to produce their own custom-designed greeting.

“Its called the silly season, so this year we decided to be sillier than normal,” commented marketing director Andy McCourt.

“We figured that Rudolph’s red nose is actually 100% Magenta and 77% Yellow so Santa and his helpers are singing the dot percentages on the card’s front. We’re in the printing and graphics business so why not use the available technology to produce our own card?”

The concept was McCourt’s (pictured left) with the excellent cartoon drawn by Janice George. “It was a great exercise in using modern technology,” says McCourt, “I saw Janice’s work in Image magazine and immediately liked her style. However, she lives in Kyabram in the Victorian country. She emailed pdfs of rough pencil sketches which were then worked up to the final artwork which was pdf’d to the graphic designer. The whole card was put together by Roger Cole of CPA Advertising; we proofed it on ColorTuner/Epson of course and the file with proof was sent digitally to Locographics, Sydney for digital printing on a Xerox 2060.”

Two versions were printed, one with signatures and one without for personal cards. “Locographics could have personalised the cards too with the names of recipients but we chose not to because it’s a Christmas card not a direct marketing shot. I think personalisation is best done in handwriting for things such as Christmas cards,” he continued.

“The underlying message from CyraChrome is very clear,” said McCourt.
“Have a great Christmas and a terrific New Year.”

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