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Purple printing eater yet to take a full bite out of Australia

Thursday, 15 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

The company recently announced that it had added direct mail services and print online to its document solutions and that, over the next two years, will be opening new stores both in the United States and internationally. “Between June 2006 to May 2007 there will be 200 more locations opened in the US,” said Sonya Thorpe, Senior Communications Specialist of FedEx Kinkos, United States. “From June 2007 to May 2008 there will be another 300 stores opening in the US and 38 in the Asia Pacific region.”

Thorpe remains tight-lipped as to whether or not this means that more stores will be opening in Australia, saying only that the Asia Pacific region does encompass Australia. Currently, there are ten FedEx Kinkos stores in Australia, located throughout Sydney, NSW and Melbourne, Victoria. When Kinko’s first entered Australia, the stores struggled in a competitive market with its radical 24/7 operating structure, surviving only after it adapted from being an office-based brand to an on-demand printing company when FedEx took it over.

The move to open more stores dealing in print will also see an increase in spending on customer service training for all staff. “In the US, customer service is key for all businesses; we’re selling a service rather than a tangible good so it’s a topic that’s continuously in front of our mind,” said Thorpe.

Brendan Gibbs, CEO of FedEx Kinkos Australia echoed Thorpe’s belief in customer service. “We stand behind the Purple Promise, which is to make every FedEx experience outstanding. Our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service in Australia is no different than the U.S,” he said. “We use local versions of the same core training materials, and we are currently developing additional programs to enhance the level of customer service training we deliver to our team members.”

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