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Quark and Adobe shootout in Sydney is world first

Friday, 27 June 2003
By Print 21 Online Article

Michael Stoddard of Adobe and James Edwards of Modulo Systems, the QuarkXpress distributor, battled it out in front of almost 40 industry professionals during a software comparison at Sydney Graphics College. According to organiser John Dobbin of NeXus network, this is the first time the two companies participated in such a face-to-face encounter.

“We conducted the first public shootout a few weeks ago and the results were certainly not what was expected. We had Colin Seton, who is one of the most experienced trainers of both products, as the moderator. He pulled the software apart on behalf of the audience,” he said.

“Our clients found the debate, and the ensuing forum, so informative we have decided to run five more sessions.”

Both Stoddard and Edwards have again agreed to face the industry to argue their cases. Attendees will get the opportunity to quiz them on the relative merits of the two programs.

“The industry is split on whether to move across to InDesign. Both programs have their strong points for different types of work.Early indications suggest the standard suite of programs will increase to include InDesign alongside Xpress, Illustrator and Photoshop,” said Dobbin.

One of the points that came out in the forum is that some Xpress pages have difficulty translating into InDesign.

“On the other hand the reduction of workflow steps and economic savings offered by InDesign are powerfull attractors, and the retraining costs are much less than is commonly assumed,” he said.

NeXus describes itself as a boutique technology company that provides engineering and support, architecture, hardware, software and training.

The forums will be held in the first week of July at the Sydney Graphic Art college in Ultimo. Cost is $25 per head for the first ticket. Register

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