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Quote & Print 2006 Distributor Meeting

Monday, 06 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Last Thursday and Friday was an important time for us and the future of Quote & Print Software as Quote & Print Distributors from each state and New Zealand got together for our annual talkfest.

The Distributors represent over 500 companies using Quote & Print throughout Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

It has been almost 20 years since the first Distributor Meeting and it always provides a good source of feedback (from the developer’s point of view) of the current state of play in the Australian printing industry and how Quote & Print enables its users to become more profitable in these challenging times. In the early dealer days discussions would feature on which screens were better, green or orange, and issues arising from going from DOS2 to DOS3 and how to integrate the “new” laser printers into Quote & Print. At the time the hot software item was PCMOS, a multi-user operating DOS based system that let up to nine Quote & Print users run on a network. These days we have users running up to 60 or 70 Q&P users over a network and the universality of email means many users rarely print a document.

Highlights of this year’s meeting were the preview of the new User Interface for the range of Quote & Print Software and QPONLINE, the new Web Interface which gives users greater ability to customize screens for each of their online customers.

Being conscious of price constraints in the industry, another important decision was in relation to giving users the flexibility to increase/buy user licences in single user bands, rather than bands of five.

There was considerable discussion about proposed changes to the Shop Floor Management and Scheduling modules, as both these modules are more popular now with many sites as they are utilized to predict, track and identify issues with delivery in these times where all jobs were due yesterday.

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