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Quote & Print dealer corroboree

Tuesday, 11 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Each February, Quote & Print distributors from across the transTasman get together to review the year gone by, and make plans for the one ahead.

At this year’s meeting, each dealer reported a continued interest in Quote & Print from printers in each of their respective state/region. "In Australia, less than 20 per cent of all printers have a fully integrated MIS system so there is room for considerable growth," said Dave Bell.

Bell said that the new features introduced to Quote & Print in the past 12 months had been well received, with the most popular being the snapshot feature; SMS of quote and job production information to client’s mobile phone; the integration of address database with mapping software and the ability to personalise the look and feel of each individual’s Quote & print screens.

Directions for the future prompted the most interest from dealers, according to Bell, who said that Quote & Print’s emphasis for 2008 will be in three key areas:

* Improving the automation in production planning.  "In the printer’s front office the introduction of Quote & Print normally generates staff savings of 30 per cent," said Bell.  "We aim to introduce similar savings in the printer’s back office or production planning area."

* Keeping up to date with new and improved printing technologies.  This includes digital, banner and sign printing as well as updating label estimating for the next generation of label presses.

* Development of customised versions of online (internet-based) estimating and job submission.  "We have found that each printer has unique requirements in this area and the ability to customise will enable us to meet our customers’ requirements," Bell said.

Pictured: the happy team at Quote & Print are well prepared for a successful 2008.

Putting each of these ideas into play will take time, and the team are currently hard at work. "It will be another year of ‘heads down and tails up’ for the research and development team of Quote & Print," Bell said.

What the dealers had to say:

Rob Taylor, Taylored Systems, New Zealand

I’ve been a Quote & Print distributor for five years now and we’re starting to get a critical mass in New Zealand; word-of-mouth is spreading. We’re looking at partnering with some large equipment manufacturers in specific sites to give the customer the best of both worlds.




Terry Gallagher, Quote & Print, NSW, SA & ACT, Malaysia, Singapore
The new Quote & Print Version 8 has certainly generated strong interest from the market. In January this year, we had three new customers come on board in NSW. We’re seeing particular interest in areas such as efficient production management, workflow scheduling and continuing activity with Quote & Print internet ordering solutions.





Alan Alexander, Calprint Systems, Queensland
Quote & Print is probably the most popular package in Queensland as it is throughout Australia. We’ve got a couple of new sites this year in Brisbane. Most of my customers are interested in improving production efficiency and tracking.







Phil Hayes, Orelia Management, Western Australia/Indonesia
We’re very active in Western Australia and have printers of all types. Indonesia has been pretty exciting for us with  our first new site there last year, installation was completed just before Christmas. We’ve had a lot of growth in the print area with government tenders. Quote & Print has done a lot of development with its online support and some of our printers have been able to win those tenders using the Quote & Print online model.

Davin Hamnett, Printec Solutions, Victoria/Tasmania
A lot of our clients are also interested in gaining efficiencies and we’ve been showing them how Quote & Print can do things like spend less money to do the same job. In Victoria, a lot of people know Quote & Print; it’s got a good reputation as being a robust system that works well in comparison to other systems.

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