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Quote & Print surge of MIS installations

Wednesday, 19 September 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

This year has proven to be the most successful since the millennial gold rush in 2000 for Quote & Print MIS software.

So far the local software developer has fielded 14 new system installations and 24 system upgrades of additional modules for users for our existing sites.

According to David Bell, Q&P co-founder, the new users are attracted by a system that is easy to use and has a low cost of ownership. 

“There are no hidden extras such as licence fees, training costs or installation charges in our products,” he said.  “These are always included in the quoted price.” 

The release of the new Q&P Workflow at PrintEx07 this year also raised interest among new users who were eager to utilise the new function.

“Quote & Print’s installation and training program, which we’ve fine tuned over several hundred installations, means that staff become productive on the system very quickly.  Typically estimating staff will be producing quotes and emailing quote letters using the software after only the second training session,” he said.

The first session covers the setting up of the company framework, machines and stock.  Those who are working to a client deadline and wish to commence implementation of Quote & Print with the QPOnline Internet Solution can be ready to accept orders from their clients after the second session.

“Quote & Print’s dealer network means that you will be trained on site by our trainers who live locally.  They are also available for onsite visits after the installation is complete,” said Dave Bell.

Quote & Print improves communication with your customers as quotes can be sent by email, fax, as an SMS message or over the internet using QPONLINE.

In this day and age of consolidations and takeover, the role of the company‘s MIS is crucial for a successful merger. Often when there is a change in the direction the company has taken, there is initial concern as to how they will handle and process the additional work. It’s less of a problem for existing Q&P users.
“In most cases Q&P has been able to demonstrate the use of a module the client was not aware of which will assist to meet the need.  A popular example is the Logistics module which enables warehousing of finished goods on behalf of your customers in a timely and transparent manner,” explains Dave Bell. (pictured)

The modular nature of Quote & Print means that companies can order a few new modules each year.  This means that the installation will have minimum disruption on the business and the upgrades can be easily covered by the existing cash flow.

This is confirmed by the trend for companies who, after they recognise the value of an integrated system, to budget to add a module a month, or immediately after the previous module ordered has been implemented. As a company grows it is easy to add extra users one at a time.

“An integrated management solution such as Quote & Print will be a valuable tool in increasing your company’s productivity and it is certainly worth your time to check it out,” concludes a confident Dave Bell.

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