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Realtime Image choses CyraChrome

Monday, 25 September 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

CyraChrome has added another digital proofing arrow to its quiver, signing an exclusive national distribution agreement with RealTime Image, inventors and exponents of online proofing technology.

Getting together in real time, Michael Laird, managing director of CyraChrome and Les Bovenlander, regional director of RTI sign the deal in Sydney.

“Real Time Image uses patented pixel streaming technology that enables, for example, 20 users scattered around the world, to simultaneously view high resolution images on the web in real time,” enthuses RealTime Image (RTI) regional director, Les Bovenlander. “While the images are print literate, RTI Classic succeeds where other products have failed because it enjoys exceptional communication links and unparalleled viewing predictability. It was never the intention to show a 100 per cent colour accurate image due to the variation in monitors. However, people from remote sites can agree to representation of that image and discuss areas of detail together and in real time.”

CyraChrome’s reputation as Australia’s proofing professionals played its part in Bovenlander’s choice of a local distributor. “CyraChrome has a good history in the graphic arts market and this type of soft proofing sits well with their distributor arrangements for ColorTuner/Epson, Digital Cromalin and the like. It was extremely important for us to work with someone who knows proofing.”

Different versions of RealTime Image will be made available to the Australian market to suit CyraChrome customers’ requirements and the software can either be purchased by way of a licensing agreement or individual users can sign up for an ASP service, utilised through a remote server, at a nominal per GigaByte usage fee.

CyraChrome marketing manager, Andy McCourt, adds: “RealTime Image has already been trialed on various projects by Australian customers. The common ground between the use of RealTime Image soft proofing and our ColorTuner and Digital Cromalin hard copy proofing brings many benefits to mission critical and colour critical assignments.”

“The ability to effectively ‘rent’ the soft proofing service as and when required has obvious benefits for a market like Australia. Alternatively, larger players may purchase the software and set up their own Real Time proofing network.”

Clients can also chose the option of ‘a private label’ where CyraChrome sets up the website and brands it in the name of the prepress house, advertising agency or printer. There is no charge for the viewer ‘plug-in’ and the licence is for concurrent users, which provides a system that is much fairer than a licence for total users.

“Customers will love the print-specific features such as online densitometer, showing of traps and overprints, zooming in to show rosette patterns and so on,” said McCourt. “The packaging sector has taken to Real Time in a big way and high quality publishers, designers, photographers, brand managers and agencies are now adopting it with relish overseas.”

Real Time Image can be tried for free by logging in as a guest on

For further information, please contact Andy McCourt or Michael Laird
Ph: +61-2-9420 8188

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