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Ricoh rolls out Neon Pink toner

Tuesday, 10 April 2018
By Print 21 Online Article

Ricoh Australia released its new Neon Pink Toner that’s designed to enhance creative possibilities for a range of print applications, from posters and invitations to ticketing and advertising.

‘One of the hottest colours in the market’: Henryk Kraszewski, Ricoh Australia.

“The Neon Pink Toner is a great example of how Ricoh is working to provide our customers with innovative and profitable ways to grow their business by offering one of the hottest colours in the market,” said Henryk Kraszewski, senior product manager, production print, Ricoh Australia. “It will support a dramatic market expansion of special effect enhancement capabilities for magazine, direct mail, retail and point of purchase markets.”

 The Neon Pink Toner has been developed for the fifth colour station on the Ricoh Pro C7100X series colour cut sheet digital production process. It helps customers capitalise on the demand for standout colours by expanding the colour gamut and enhancing images. 

Commercial printers will be able to apply the Neon Pink Toner for printing onto a variety of substrates such as linen, metallic and synthetic material. Graphic artists will benefit from creative opportunities to brighten and widen the range of colours on client projects from marketing to everyday promotions, invitations, and event materials.

Neon Pink makes it possible to accurately reproduce more colours, including orange tones, and enhance images. It can be used as a solid, highlight or graphic colour and can be applied in a single pass, and requires no additional drying time prior to finishing.  The toner is also reflective under UV light to extend the range of printing possibilities offered by standard CMYK printing.

Ricoh’s Pro C7100X Series was launched three years ago with white and clear toner.  Last year, Neon Yellow was also added.  Current Ricoh Pro C7100X series users will also be able to retrofit the Neon Pink Toner on their existing presses.

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  1. April 14, 2018 at 12:43 pm,


    As a lover of colour this is exciting news! I wonder what other new colours will be released in the future, with electronic print being used not just for function design, but for art practices too. Oh the possibilities!

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