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Robert Fuller falls victim to cost cutting

Tuesday, 02 December 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

NSW general manger of Printing Industries is made redundant in Association reorganisation.

The popular Fuller (pictured) left the organisation on Friday 28 November as a result of the merger of the NSW and national operations of the leading industry association. CEO Phillip Andersen will takeover the duties of the NSW role in addition to his continuing national responsibilities.

In a circular to NSW members last week, Andersen explained the corporate restructure: "Effective immediately I will be assuming management of NSW to ensure the continuity and co-ordination of project and service delivery to members is not affected. Most existing staff and responsibilities will be reallocated into the new operating environment with the minimal loss of one full-time employee from the joint structure and less use of casuals."

According to Andersen, the move is part of a continual redefining of the Association’s structure and role. He emphasised that Fuller’s departure had no performance-related issues but was made necessary as a result of the flow-on effect of hard times on members.

He said his responsibility is to safeguard the Association’s assets, especially in a time of constrained cash flow. But he denied there was any intention of changing the structure in other states.

Printing Industries is under pressure to do more with less,” he said. Even before the current financial trouble the Association has been under the gun. Membership numbers have fallen with subsequent loss of income. He claims that there are now 25 percent fewer printing companies than there were ten years ago, with many mid-sized independent printers swallowed up by private equity firms.

Most members will remember Fuller as the driving force behind the revitalisation of the NSW printing awards and for his coordination of TC 130, the national technical advisory group on the Australian ISO printing standards.

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