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Roland DG takes it back to the classroom with seminar tour

Thursday, 20 April 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

There are several seminars on offer from Roland DG, including a course for ‘power users’ seeking to get the most out of Flexi, an inside look at the VersaWorks RIP software and an introduction to engraving.

The ‘Maximising Flexi: Power User’ seminar is tailored towards those with existing experience but who are looking to get more out of its powerful features.

The course will look at the new updates for version 7.6, show you how to optimise your digital print workflow and demonstrate advanced vinyl and contour cutting techniques. The dates are as follows:

  • Sydney, NSW: 4th of May, Thursday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Brisbane, QLD: 10th of May, Wednesday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Perth, WA: 15th of May, Monday (9am – 5 pm),
  • Perth, WA: 17th of May, Wednesday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Adelaide, SA: 19th of May, Friday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Melbourne, VIC: 1st of June, Thursday(9am – 5 pm)
  • Auckland, NZ: 16th of June, Friday(9am – 5 pm)
  • Wellington, NZ: 19th of June, Monday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Christchurch, NZ: 23rd of June, Friday (9am – 5 pm)

    The ‘VersaWorks Print & Cut’ seminar offers an in-depth look into the RIP software, and is intended for users looking to increase productivity, maintain their printer printer/cutters and prolong the performance of their investment.

    Roland DG staff will teach maintenance, media and fine-tuning tips, and will be available for question and answer sessions. The dates are as follows:

  • Sydney, NSW: 2nd of May, Tuesday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Sydney, NSW: 3rd of May, Wednesday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Brisbane, QLD: 9th of May, Tuesday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Perth, WA: 16th of May, Tuesday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Adelaide, SA: 18th of May, Thursday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Melbourne, VIC: 30th of May, Tuesday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Melbourne, VIC: 31st of May, Wednesday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Auckland, NZ: 15th of June, Thursday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Wellington, NZ: 20th of June, Tuesday (9am – 5 pm)
  • Christchurch, NZ: 22nd of June, Thursday (9am – 5 pm)

    The ‘Introduction to Engraving’ seminar is specifically designed for individuals thinking of moving into engraving. The day will take you through a list of engraving machines, their capabilities, markets, recommended tools materials and accessories. The dates are as follows:

  • Melbourne, VIC: 2nd of June (9am – 5 pm)
  • Auckland, NZ: 9th of June (9am – 5 pm)

    To register for any of Roland DG’s new seminars, phone 1-800-500-119 in Australia and 09-309-8104 in New Zealand. The $299 cost includes lunch, manual, and a toolkit packed with resources and reference materials.

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