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‘s move to green makes ACP see red

Thursday, 22 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Ian McHutchison, ACP’s general manager, production told Print 21 that the stock which the magazine is produced on has in fact been in use at ACP for over 12 months as part of a product mix from suppliers.

Girlfriend was quoted on national broadcast and print media as being the first magazine in Australia to take this initiative. To this McHutchison replied that, “ACP have not been vocal in promoting its environmental stewardship as it does not see it as a way of promoting itself rather a community responsibility that it needs no accolade for.”

“Whilst Girlfriend magazine’s intention to use recycled paper is commendable and should not be discounted, it should be taken at face value and magazines that pursue methods of being environmentally responsible should not be discounted,” he said.

McHutchison pointed out that the use of recycled fibre is a response to the continuing environmental crises that we all face; however, it is not the only solution.

“In general terms the use of products already in the community to produce recycled products does negate the need to source new raw materials,” he said. “In the case of recycled paper it is obviously not simply a matter of turning used paper back into reusable paper. The used paper must be collected, sorted and de-inked before making the final “recycled” paper. The environmental footprint of these activities is generally not calculated in the simple statement “we are using recycled”.”

McHutchison said that ACP purchase from companies with recognised environmental standards encompassing; chain of custody certification in wood procurement, ISO 14001 certification and measured environmental parameters approved by local or national environmental regulators.

“The environmental strategy at ACP extends way past the use of paper,” he said. “An awareness of all facets of the production of its titles is a very important consideration that must be in contention when making statements concerning the environment.”

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