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Sales showman swoops on birds of prey

Thursday, 18 June 2009
By Print21

Print sales staff should view their customers as birds, according to professional speaker, Tony Gattari, who reckons the time is right to swoop.

Delivering a presentation, ‘How to Sell and to Persuade During Tough Times’ at JPE’s breakfast this week, Gattari – whose claim to fame includes a stint as general manager of Harvey Norman’s computer and communications division – offered his tips on developing the right attitude towards sales.

In his years of experience, Gattari (pictured) has come to classify customers into four categories: eagles (stubborn; no-nonsense); peacocks (self-obsessed; extroverted); doves (reticent; pleasant) and owls (introverted; methodical). He believes that sales techniques must be adapted and adjusted accordingly depending on which “bird” the customer imitates.

“If you’re talking to an eagle, be clear, specific and straight-to-the-point,” Gattari said. “Peacocks – who often work in the advertising industry – are very easy to up-sell to because image is important to them; but they hate negativity and criticism.”

Despite living in a global financial crisis – GFC – Gattari believes that people are still as eager to spend as ever due to their dedication to consumerism. “People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy,” he said.

Gattari added that image is also highly important to a salesperson. “People buy you before they buy your product,” he said.

Perhaps it doesn’t hurt for sales people to tune into their inner-peacock.

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