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Sappi sets up Sydney warehouse

Tuesday, 26 October 2010
By Print 21 Online Article

Sappi warehouse gives customers greater access to web grades.

According to Tim Schafer, managing director of Sappi Trading, Australia, the Botany-based warehouse distribution system has been well received. “We introduced a warehouse distribution system for the web grades which Sappi produces at its European mills. The intention will be to extend this service to include our North American mills in the near future.” he said. “The idea is to offer our customers a lead time on standard stock items equivalent to that of what a local mill is able to offer.”

Stock first went into the warehouse in August this year. Currently, Sappi is carrying over 1000 tonnes of paper in various standard sizes which is available now.

Customer feedback on the warehouse has been positive. “We have been successful in securing orders for the items that we have in stock and we are already into a replenishment program, so as sales occur we automatically generate orders to replace that stock,” Schafer added.


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