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Save $2000 on MonacoPROFILER Platinum – FINAL WEEKS

Monday, 06 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

SPECIAL OFFER TO Print21Online readers only…

Your chance to acquire MonacoPROFILER Platinum, the graphic art professional’s choice for ICC profile creation and editing, for the same price as the Gold edition. With additional multi-colour capability – up to 8-color, plus Pantone Hexachrome –and digital camera profiling, MonacoPROFILER Platinum is a powerful, high-end profiling solution

MonacoPROFILER is designed for service bureaus, newspapers, large-print vendors, fine art reproduction studios, high-end commercial photographers and print shops requiring support for up to 8-colour processes. Version 4.8 offers the industry’s most comprehensive ICC profiling capabilities for all devices — monitors, scanners, digital cameras and printers.

Key Benefits of Profiler
Building Profiles

  • Delivers the industry’s most accurate ICC Profiles
  • Ensures highest quality ICC profiles for all of your devices

Powerful, Flexible, Easy to Use

  • Wizard-based interface guides you through the profile
    building process
  • Optimized colour logic ensures colour fidelity with maximum
  • Unique editing tools offer unprecedented control for
    fine-tuning profile colour

MonacoPROFILER is the ideal choice for high-end graphic arts professionals,
delivering the highest quality of any available profiling application.

Enhanced display profiling functionality

  • Critical luminance targeting to ensure precise matching among multiple monitors
  • Display profile evaluation to determine how accurately your display will reproduce colour
  • Display hardware “trending” to help you under-
    stand how often your display should be calibrated
  • Display profile “matching” rebuildsexisting profiles to create consistent matching between differently configured displays
  • User-defined and ambient-measured white point
    setting for your display profiles
  • Room lighting adaptation settings for display
    color temperature
  • Profile LUT editor to customize the look of
    your profiles
  • Image editing requires a calibrated display for
    the highest quality results. For the highest level
    of display measurement precision, X-Rite
    recommends the MonacoOPTIXXRcolorimeter
    for CRT & LCD displays

Advanced output profiling capability

  • Supports all industry standard targets including IT8.7/3, IT8.7/4 and ECI profiling targets
  • Works seamlessly with X-Rite’s free ColorPort utility
  • Import/export CGATS-compatible colour data
  • Create ICC profiles for your RGB, CMYK,
    PANTONE Hexachrome and multi-ink
    (5-6-7-8) output devices
  • Create ICC link profiles with custom link options including black generation and black text preservation
  • Average multiple patch sets to generate output profiles
  • Create superior profiles using advanced black
    generation, paper colour neutralization and advanced ink limiting features
  • Solve problems with device drift using relinearization feature

MonacoPROFILER’s editor continues to deliver class-leading editing tools:

  • Customize colour compression of selective colour
  • Define/Lock output recipes for selective colours
  • Customize gray-balance recipes to achieve
    optimum gray accuracy
  • Edit output profiles using the most advanced
    features available and save your images in TIFF
    or DCS 2.0 format directly from the editor
    with your profiles applied


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This article was brought to you by ColoRite Equipment

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