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Schawk and Kayell align on colour

Wednesday, 29 June 2016
By Print 21 Online Article

Schawk Australia, a unit of global brand experts SGK, has joined with GMG and Kayell Australia to standardise local colour proofing capabilities to align with global proofing strategy.

Kayell Australia is working with Schawk Australia to roll-out new GMG colour management software in four new Epson PSeries proofing devices and at Schawk’s North Sydney headquarters. As part of the GMG implementation, there are several new client onsite facilities setups.

“We will use the latest version of GMG FlexoProof software on three new Epson PSeries 9070 (44 inch) and one new P7070 (24 inch) proofers, installed and maintained by Kayell,” said Ryan Sharratt, operations manager, Schawk Australia.

“The ability to calculate the behaviour of overprinting spot colours will save valuable press runs meaning new brand colours can be brought to market quickly, economically and most importantly with insane accuracy,” added Kayell’s director Andreas Johansson. “I believe that once Schawk has implemented the GMG roll out in full, they will see dramatic improvements in many areas. Our key brand owners can be reassured that colour accuracy and consistency will be maintained.”

Schawk wanted to standardise its global proofing process with a system that would accurately represent colour – no matter the ultimate print process, ink, or substrate used. Schawk’s internal workgroup, the colour Task Force, spent more than a year conducting testing and analysis before deciding to work with GMG’s colour solutions.

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