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Thursday, 21 May 2015
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Two Scodix Ultra sold at PrintEx

Father and son, Jason and Matt Mills of New Zealand specialty printer Fuzed joined Trent Nankervis of CMYKhub in stepping up to take the second brand new Scodix Ultra from the Currie stand at Printex. The Scodix Ultra, a new version of the original digital enhancement printer was chosen as Print21 Hot Pick at the PrintEx show.

The Mills traded in their original Scodix to take advantage of the higher speed and extra automation on the Ultra. The Israeli-developed digital coating technology fits in well with the award-winning Auckland company’s focus on enhanced printing.

Straight from winning eight gold medals and seven highly commended prizes at this year’s Pride in Print, as well as being recognised as Best in Process, Fuzed is developing the potential of digital varnishing and coating. A long-time digital producer it operates a HP Indigo 5600.

Graham McDonald, Currie Group NZ and Lior Meron of Scodix (outside) congratulate Matt and Jason Mills on their Scodix Ultra.

The company is well known for its production of lenticular printing, exporting over 80 per cent, much of it to Australia and the USA. Both father and son confirm the company is set for further growth following the takeover of another Auckland printer, Printing Express last November. The second Scodix Ultra went to Trent Nankervis, of trade-only printer CMYKhub. It will join the company’s first Scodix in production as soon as it can be delivered.

The rapid take up of digital enhancement technology is opening up a new range of work for commercial printers. In the case of CMYKhub it allows the trade only printer to supply varnished products within its normal production process.

Scodix Ultra – High Value With High Productivity

The Scodix Ultra™ Digital Press is the most productive in the series and enables commercial PSP’s and folding-cartons converters to produce tangible enhancements for a wide variety of applications; marketing literature, stationery items, book covers, boxes and premium packages, greeting cards, photo albums with VDP capabilities based on a barcode system, and more – the opportunities are endless. Place your stamp on almost any printed media

This Scodix digital print enhancement press is the perfect answer to the exacting requirements of an ever more demanding industry and reaches new levels of Speed, Quality, and Efficiency.
The Scodix Ultra boasts exciting new features designed to answer the growing requirement for digital enhancement in longer runs, while retaining the highest quality, reliability and perfect registration. ,. With its ability to print on a wide variety of materials from paper to PVC or cartonboard up to 30 points or 700 gsm, this modular digital solution will bring tangible benefits to a wide variety of applications including commercial print, packaging, displays, security marking and braille.

David Currie (right) is pleased to accept the Hot Pick for the Scodix Ultra from Print21 publisher, Patrick Howard at PrintEx.

Brand new in the Scodix Ultra is the patent-pending Scodix Ultra™ Twin-Tray media handling system that conveys the sheets under the fixed array of inkheads in a single pass at a rate of over 1,250 B2 size sheets per hour. With two trays operating simultaneously, and with an independent motion system for each tray, the Scodix Ultra™ reaches the ultimate ratio of performance and efficiency, every time.

This highly accurate media handling system guarantees high print quality, consistency and reliability.

Superior Quality

The Scodix Ultra™ Digital Enhancement Press executes unblemished, selective enhancements with Scodix’s proprietary PolySENSE™ clear polymer:

  • Scodix RSP™ Technology (Rotate, Scale, Position) – based on a multi CCD camera system and dedicated software algorithms, Rotates, Scales and Positions the Scodix print enhancement image with pinpoint accuracy, scanning every sheet to deliver the PolySENSE™ to its exact location.
  • Scodix High Impact –The height of the Scodix Sense enhancement is what gives tangible dimension to graphic printed items. The polymer can reach a height of up to 250 microns, 100 times higher than conventional selective varnish.
  • Scodix 99 GU – Highest gloss available for printed materials. The smooth, flat layer applied by the Scodix Sense results in a gloss level higher than 99 Gloss Units – giving the final product a glossy look that far exceeds any regular printed sheet with conventional enhancements.
  • Scodix Variable Density – Unlimited variety of Scodix SENSE™ densities – the ability to vary the density of the polymer from 1-100% in a single pass adds tangible depth and texture to images and text.

Absolute Digital Value Up To B2+

The completely digital stand-alone solution supports barcode and variable data applications. Compatible with offset, laminated sheets and digital print, the press automatically processes a wide range of paper formats and substrates, with no need for any additional complex setup:

  • Up to B2+ size sheet format (545 x 788 mm / 21.5 x 31 in)
  • Material weights from 135 to 675 gsm / 6 to 30 points
  • Material thickness – Up to 0.7 mm / 700 microns

High Value With High Productivity

The Scodix Ultra™ Digital Press is based on a fixed-array of inkjet UV print-heads.
Efficiency is the keyword for this latest press and it has been designed with that in mind. Different polymer canisters are available for use, can be selected by the operator, as needed, on the intuitive touch screen and quickly switched. Machine maintenance can be carried out automatically and remotely.

A single operator can run the machine. Setting up takes hardly any time. You can design and implement all the enhancements you want, in line with your quality requirements, in-house, and on-demand. Now even short runs become profitable.

Stand Out From The Rest

By touching the senses with prints that stand out, Scodix SENSE™ leaves a lasting impression, delivering true print differentiation for your clients and their products. In today’s highly competitive industry, standing out is an absolute must, creating more business opportunities!


A clean, green process that contains no polluting additives, Scodix SENSE™ eliminates plates, molds, chemicals, and solvents, while reducing energy consumption. Scodix SENSE™ output is non-toxic and recyclable.


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