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Second gender equality gong for Konica Minolta

Wednesday, 21 February 2018
By Print 21 Online Article

Konica Minolta has been named an ‘Employer of Choice for Gender Equality’ by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) for the second year running. It is among 120 companies to receive the honour for 2017-18, up from 106 last year.

David Cooke, Konica Minolta.

David Cooke, managing director of Konica Minolta, said he was proud to promote equality in the business, with programs including support for family and domestic violence, paid parental leave, flexible working arrangements, and pay parity. “In an industry that has had entrenched gender bias in some roles, we’re working to improve the balance so we open up opportunities for all, and benefit from the diversity of thought and perspective that comes with having men and women more equally represented,” said Cooke. “With an ongoing commitment to, and involvement with, WGEA and Male Champions of Change, Konica Minolta has in place various programs to improve equality in its workforce.”

Libby Lyons, Director WGEA.

There are significant business benefits and competitive advantages to improving workplace gender equality, says Libby Lyons, director WGEA, who added she was ‘delighted’ at the initiatives being undertaken by companies such as Konica Minolta. “WGEA data shows there is continuing momentum and progress towards gender equality in Australian workplaces. However, it also highlights the accountability gap between having a policy or strategy in place and being held accountable for delivering results. Leadership and accountability are essential if real progress is to be made in shifting the entrenched gender divisions in Australian workplaces.

“I congratulate all the 2017-18 citation holders for their commitment and recognition of benefits improved gender equality can bring to their business. These employers are setting the benchmark for other Australian workplaces to follow,” said Lyons.

120 companies across Australia received the citation this year, an increase of 14 over 2016-17’s 106 recipients. Numbers have steadily increased over the years, with 90 awarded in 2015-16 and 76 in 2014-15. The full list of those cited this year can be found on the WGEA’s website.

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