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SICPA cuts loose its packaging inks

Thursday, 30 June 2005
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SICPA has branded its move as an attempt to strategically reposition the company, shifting it into a more directed focus on security inks for governments and industry. The Australian and NZ branch of Swiss-based SICPA will continue to distribute security inks, while the packaging inks will be transferred to Siegwerk once regulatory approval has been received.

The purchase will establish the Siegwerk Group as the world’s second-largest manufacturer of packaging ink, also boosting it among the world’s top five ink manufacturers overall. It follows closely from the Siegwerk Group’s prominent buyout of CCI in 2002, which at the time was ranked as the fourth-largest ink manufacturer in the US.

While it remains unclear exactly how the local branch of SICPA will be affected by the sale, an industry source labels the Siegwerk purchase as a positive development for the Packaging Inks Division in Australia and NZ.

“What it doesn’t do is rationalise the local ink industry, as there is still too much supply and not enough demand,” the source says. “Otherwise, the latest developments will be a big win for the Packaging Inks Division in Australia. It will extend its capabilities, giving it access to a range of new technologies.”

SICPA, a privately owned company of the Amon family, has been supplying security inks for the majority of the world’s banknotes for over 70 years. It plans to strengthen its position as an organisation that protects governments and brand owners against the risks of counterfeiting and fraud. Less than 10 years ago, SICPA was the leading ink supplier in the Australian market, with major manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. It now no longer manufactures any ink in Australia.

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