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Signs of hope amidst the gloom: PrintNZ conference

Wednesday, 13 October 2010
By Print 21 Online Article

Economic analyst, Gareth Kiernan, tells attendees at the Print: Part of Life conference that there are tentative signs of revival for the NZ economy.

Kiernan, (pictured), managing director of Infometrics, which analyses the print industry for the annual PrintNZ survey, pointed to an increase in both registrations for light commercial vehicles and tourist numbers as signs of hope.

He predicts that New Zealand will benefit from growth in both China and neighbouring country, Australia. “Overall, our growth outlook is almost entirely built around export prices,” he said.

Kiernan also believes that uncertainty at both a consumer and domestic level has put a dampener on economic demand. “Households and businesses are unsure about the way to go and are not doing anything in terms of planning because they are not sure whether the economy is going,” he said.

“Uncertainty is one of the biggest killers out there in terms of affecting economic activity.”

In the technology presentation, Peter Muir, president of US-based Bizucate, encouraged printers to take risks with new technology and find ways of doing business differently.

“Having technology alone does not differentiate you,” he said. “But how you approach the customer does. Then, if you are perceived as being different, the added benefits you bring may be enough to allow you to achieve a premium position.”


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