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Snail mail keeps marketing running

Thursday, 18 August 2011
By Print21
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ADMA Forum promotes direct mail relevance as a tried and tested medium, as multi-channel communications prove difficult to measure.

According to Commonwealth Bank marketer, Paul Rawlins, a letter is still incredibly powerful when you get it right. It is vital to gauge each communication channel in a multi-channel situation, "but it’s hard to attribute individual measurements to different parts of your marketing strategy."

The print industry reaffirmed its presence and function within marketing with stands from PMP, Geon, Pitney Bowes, The Camerons Group, Kwik Kopy, Yellow Envelopes, Fuji Xerox, and BJ Ball Papers.

In her first welcome speech at this year’s ADMA Forum, CEO Jodie Sangster made it clear she believes the industry is shifting heavily to an online and customer-centric model and that marketers will fall behind the pack if they don’t embrace the new technology.

She added, however, that despite social media being one of the newest and most important technologies for marketers, the industry still had not found a way to properly measure its effectiveness. Unlike print, which is a tried and tested marketing tool.

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