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Soar installs first NZ push-to-stop press

Friday, 01 March 2019
By Wayne Robinson

Commissioned: Soar and Heidelberg staff at the first Heidelberg push-to-stop press in NZ, the CX 102 + lx at Soar Print

Soar Print has commissioned the first Heidelberg push-to-stop press in New Zealand, which is also the first in ANZ to be financed on Heidelberg‘s new subscription model.

The company has just started printing with its new Speedmaster CX 102 six-colour plus coater, with company owner Fred Soar describing it as an “epic printing press.”

The push to stop concept refers to the autonomous start-up procedure of the new press, which manages colour control itself, running up to colour and indicating which sheet sellable colour is achieved by, so eliminating the need for the operator to stop the press to check.

Speaking to Print21 this morning Soar said, “The entire makeready from one job to the next is taking less than five minutes, with the press doing the work itself.”

The new press becomes the main offset printing unit at Soar, and will run 24 hours a day six days a week. It will be used for general commercial and packaging work.

Press doing the work itself: Fred Soar

Under the subscription model Heidelberg will supply all the consumables including plates, inks, chemicals as well as service and training. Soar said, “I like the concept, it is a real partnership, both parties have a vested interest in optimising press performance and productivity.

“The figures stacked up, there is great flexibility. We are a progressive business, and the Heidelberg subscription model is a progressive move, its a new and beneficial solution.

“I also like the one supplier concept, so there can be no he said she said if any issues occur. Heidelberg is supplying consumables that are tried and tested on the press, so we anticipate maximum output.”

The new B1 Speedmaster replaces two older presses at Soar a 12-year-old XL-105 and a CD74 six-colour. The XL-105 had printed 295 million impressions and used 136,000 plates in its years of service. Soar said, “They were both great presses, and I was pleasantly surprised by the resale value we achieved.”

Richard Timson, managing director at Heidelberg ANZ said, “The Subscription project at Soar and the installation went like clockwork, and the supply chain is working really well, with the continuous flow of consumables matching the high output of the press.

“Key to the success is our team’s input, the service guys managed the removal and installation in three weeks with the start up right on schedule. The press and prepress instructors worked closely with the Soar Print staff to introduce them in the new tools on the press and in the prepress. The complete colour managed press was quickly into production with live jobs and outputting the highest quality products.

“So far our subscription project is meeting both companies expectations and we are delighted.”

Timson says that the subscription model is being monitored by other print businesses across the region, with more such deals expectd. He said, “We have many other customers watching and waiting to see how the experience is playing out, and with the great outcome at Soar we will be advancing our discussions for our next subscription sale.”

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