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Soar first for pay as you go offset

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
By Wayne Robinson

Subscribing to Heidelberg: Fred Soar (left) with Richard Timson

Soar Print has become the first printer in the region to opt for the new Heidelberg subscription model for a new press, for a new B1 Speedmaster CX 102-6 plus coater to be installed over Christmas.

The company will have the press on a five year subscription basis, which will see Heidelberg supply and service the press, and supply all consumables, except paper, for the duration of the term.

Company owner Fred Soar says, “I like the concept, it is a real partnership, both parties have a vested interest in optimising press performance and productivity.

“The figures stacked up, there is great flexibility. We are a progressive business, and the Heidelberg subscription model is a progressive move, its a new and beneficial solution.

“I also like the one supplier concept, so there can be no he said she said if any issues occur. Heidelberg is supplying consumables that are tried and tested on the press, so we anticipate maximum output.”

Soar will replace two presses with the one new Speedmaster, it is taking out its decade old XL 106, and a B2 press. Soar says, “The figures for the new Speedmaster show it is highly productive, makeready times are minimal, and of course the Heidelberg engineering means its reliability and quality is at the highest level.”

The press is likely to be running on three shifts when it is installed at the 80 staff business, which is one of the big commercial printers in Auckland.

Heidelberg introduced its subscription concept a year ago as an alternative means of supplying presses. Richard Timson, managing director of Heidelberg ANZ says, “Subscription is a great model, it gives the printer and Heidelberg a clear pathway for output. Our commitment will be to fully satisfy the needs of production, and we know we will achieve optimum results through the use of Heidelberg supplied consumables. It underpins the whole performance of the press.

“Subscription means a great partnership, we walk together and have the same goal. The strength of the printer like Soar allied with the strength of Heidelberg is tremendously powerful, and will ensure that Soar will get the best possible performance out of the press.”

The subscription model is available on all Heidelberg A1 and A2 presses. Timson says, “Printers have to be qualified though, we are stringent in our approach. It will not be for everyone, but for some printers it will be the path that will prove most beneficial. Subscription does not tie up capital with the banks, and the flexibility in the contract according to volumes will prove appealing to some.”

3 Responses to “Soar first for pay as you go offset”

  1. September 07, 2018 at 1:30 pm,


    Good idea setting the first one up in a small company in a remote town. Limited gossip opportunities for the “teething” issues.

  2. September 14, 2018 at 2:53 pm,

    Fred Soar

    Hardly a remote town I would have thought banksy 😉

  3. September 17, 2018 at 8:56 am,


    Haha – Fred I was having a good natured crack – glad you got the joke.

    In all seriousness points to you for trying this out. I’d be worried about having Heidelberg that deep into my business, but if it works out it will be a great thing for you. good luck!

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