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Soar Print rises to carbon challenge

Friday, 05 April 2019
By Jake Nelson

Sustainable commitment: (l to r) Vicky Soar, Jenny Carter and Fred Soar receive a Green Ribbon Award in 2015.

New Zealand’s Soar Print has deepened its commitment to sustainability, signing up for the Climate Leaders Coalition – an organisation comprising 85 businesses committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By signing up to the Coalition, Soar Print has made a pledge to set an emissions reduction target consistent with staying within 2°C of warming, measure and report its emissions, and work with suppliers to reduce its carbon footprint.

According to Fred Soar, managing director, this move is one more businesses should be making.

“It’s about businesses that are seriously concerned about climate change. It’s a call to action for all of us to get involved, not to sit back and refuse to address what is a crucial issue for our planet,” he said.

Family-owned Soar Print is a “carbon-zero” organisation, voluntarily offsetting its emissions with New Zealand-based carbon credits every year, and actively takes steps to reduce its emissions as well.

“We embraced sustainability as one of our core values a decade ago and believe it fits nicely with being an intergenerational business. We believe we’re the stewards of the resources we use and it’s our responsibility to leave them in a good state for the next generation,” he said.

Soar told Print21 that the company is constantly striving to reduce the environmental effects of its operations; it complies with the ISO 14001 environmental standard, and buys its paper from sustainable FSC and PEFC-certified sources.

“We’re looking at sourcing compostable papers and boards to make packaging materials, and we’re continuing our carbon reduction program. We’re always looking at new technologies and supplies that can reduce our impact on the environment,” he said.

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