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SOS reaches across the transTasman with Astra Print

Tuesday, 05 October 2010
By Print 21 Online Article

Partnering up with Astra Print gives Sydney’s SOS Print and Media Group the power for print on demand operation in New Zealand.

The partnership will see the two companies working together in the production of books, training manuals and other print items in Sydney and Wellington with distribution services across Australia and New Zealand.

According to Michael Schulz, (pictured) director at SOS Print + Media, the deal concludes his company’s search for an NZ-based partner to work with. “We have been looking for a reliable, high-quality print partner in New Zealand for a long time. Astra is an ideal partner for us, as to distribute and print across the Tasman is an absolute necessity,” he said.

“Astra Print in Wellington is a modern, technologically very advanced company and we know that we will be able to work well together, establishing seamless workflows and digital solutions for customers in Australia and New Zealand. The two companies are already working on several joint projects.”

Steve Messenger, CEO of Wellington-based Astra Print believes that the partnership will have a number of advantages for both.

“It is clear to Astra that in order for this supply chain to survive and flourish, inventory needs to be removed,” he said. “Astra is pleased to be able to be part of this regional solution for on-demand books.”

The latest development marks an exciting time for SOS, which recently partnered with cross-media company, U&I Direct. In October-November this year, it will also install the first Kodak Prosper press in the Asia Pacific region.

Astra Print also stepped into the limelight after it installed New Zealand’s first Screen Truepress 520 this year.


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