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Starleaton celebrates decade as Fogra member

Wednesday, 06 March 2019
By Wayne Robinson

10 years: Starleaton celebrates with Fogra

Starleaton is celebrating its tenth year as a member of the prestigious colour standards group Fogra Research Institute for Media Technologies.

Fogra is the global German-based Research Institute actively involved in maintaining and developing several standards concerning colour management and printing. The ProcessStandard Offset (ISO 12647) certification by Fogra provides proof of the quality that the Starleaton media is capable of. Fogra essentially sets the standard for print around the world to adhere to.

According to Ben Eaton, CEO at Starleaton, colour management is key to the company. He said, “Our customers are feeling increasing pressure from their clients to follow brand guidelines and achieve consistent results.

Customer priority: Ben Eaton, CEO, Starleaton

“In response, we have enhanced our offering in the colour space, by bringing in new talent and keeping up to date with the all the latest innovations that our partners at Xrite, CGS, Just Normlicht, and of course Fogra, are developing, to ensure our customers are always at the forefront.”

Starleaton has four of its papers from their Chromajet range certified under this standard, including: Chromajet Viso 200, Chromajet Exact 260, Chromajet Precision 260, and Chromajet Spectrum 255.

Mark Rixon, application and colour specialist at Starleaton explains the importance of this ongoing relationship. He says, “A number of the papers from Starleaton’s Chromajet range have been certified under Fogra. The ProcessStandard Offset certification is the standard that the Australian printing industry holds to, so it is vital to assure our customers that the media we provide can meet these exacting criteria”.

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