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Starleaton promotes Zünd S3 cutter

Monday, 29 October 2018
By Print 21 Online Article

A Zünd S3 Digital Cutter.

Starleaton is featuring its Zünd S3 flatbed cutter as part of its growing array of signage equipment ithat includes Epson, OKI ColorPainter and Flexa.

The super-fast S3 line of cutters are modular and can be changed, expanded, upgraded any time. Modular tooling allows for processing a wide variety of materials up to a maximum thickness of 25mm. Various levels of automated material-handling turn the S3 into an all-round production system.

With its focus on innovation, Zünd has for decades been a driving force in the graphics industry. The “simple” vinyl cutter/plotter of the past has evolved into a multifunctional digital cutting system capable of accurately matching cut to print while automatically processing a multitude of flexible and rigid substrates.

Starleaton is an Australian-owned and operated importer, converter and distributor of materials, hardware, software and know-how for the Signage, Display, Exhibition, Photography, Graphic Arts and Packaging industries.

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